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  1. Idk about speed. Adam Jones and Brian Roberts are the only 2 real base stealing threats in the lineup. And Felix Pie whenever he gets in. The season comes down to pitching. I think Britton will be fine, Matusz will be great, and Guthrie will be solid. The last 2 spots need to be solid and I'm not sold we're gonna get solid performances from them. Tillman is losing a lot of velocity and doesn't really have a true out pitch at this point, Bergeson has been lolbad and really needs to start pitching regularly to see if he can give us something, I like Arrieta going forward but I don't see his ceiling as any better than a solid 3/4 type starter and finally Duke is hurt and has been since he was born. If we get solid performances from that group of 4, then the Os are back in business. But I barely remember the 96/97 teams and have only been hurt by the Orioles in the past so I choose to believe that nothing good will happen and may be be pleasantly surprised in the future.
  2. The Os are 6-3 despite being down over half the rotation and the offense being much worse than it should be going forward. We're probably not winning anything this year, but a playoff game at Camden Yards would be incredible. 85 or so wins seems reasonable unless Matusz comes back and teams up with Britton to go into super-GOD mode in the rotation.
  3. You guys and your soccer hatred. I watched most of the second half because I couldn't stand to watch Calhoun make another final four (please let cancer win this one over the coaches). Juan Agudelo and Chandler were both awesome against whats probably the best team in the world right now. Great to see the youngins step up. I think we probably see a lot more of the 4-4-2 in the future to see what Jozy and Agudelo can do up top. That partnership looked great at times against Argentina.
  4. Sorry this failed this year. The guy who leaked them the last 2 years didn't come through this year. I'm still so happy about VT. Yeah, I'm supposed to root for my conference or whatever, but that program deserves nothing but bad things. POS coach with a POS star player and a filthy racist POS fan base.
  5. Hearing VT is right on the cut line. A Dayton win could knock them out again. I will comfort sweet, sweet Ella.
  6. Fuck you. I now remember why I didn't post on this board. I said nothing like that and you know that as well as I do. If you don't think unions play a role in legislation, then you're too stupid for me to even bother having a conversation with. All I said was that unions played a big role. But go on making stupid assumptions rather than just reading what I said. I don't much appreciate my words being twisted so that you can laugh about how clever you are when I was at least trying to have a real conversation. I sure am glad some middle aged liberal arts dropout from bumblefuck college is around to tell someone who is much much smarter than them how to think.
  7. I love rereading this every time UVA epic fails. Its especially awesome considering how the 2001 and 2002 tournaments went.
  8. I don't disagree with that. Its pretty much a smaller scale of the Dems health care bill. And we already know how that went. That said, I do think its funny that Dems are all up in arms about this. "Elections have consequences"... Obama likes to remind people of that. Running to Illinois because the big, bad Republicans were taking a page out of the national Democrats playbook is kinda funny. So, you're kinda helping me here. "They don't just negotiate wages... they also negotiate pensions and a bunch of other benefits too!" The only other aspect of your argument is safe working conditions (which you say twice but whatever). The market completely solves that. No one is forcing you to take a job with poor work conditions. What are the horrible conditions that they have to endure in Virginia or other states without public sector unions? You realize that you used corporations as an answer to public unions, right? Corporations aren't the antagonists to public sector unions. They're relevant when you want to talk about private sector unions, but not really when you talk about public sector unions. There is kind of a fundamental difference. And even if I grant you all that, you know as well as I do that unions have a big role in a lot of legislation. They're not totally helpless in the legislative process and if they were, they wouldn't exist.
  9. Yeah, this wasn't a fiscal bill retired. You know that as well as everybody else. Anyhow, someone wanna actually defend public worker unions are a good thing? Private unions I get. But public unions? We need to protect them from the greed of the taxpayer? I mean, they contribute to the campaigns of politicians who they then negotiate contracts with. I'm sure there's no conflict of interest there. The only reason they even exist in the first place is because JFK owed them a political favor after getting elected.
  10. I still dont get the "suspending a possible NBA player for having sex with his girlfriend when he's set to make your school boatloads of money thing" but it is what it is.
  11. So, this season sucked for my guys, but I think I still have a guy who's willing to leak some of the brackets early (if any of you guys remember last year). If you guys give me some teams to ask about I can try to get their seeds/regions about an hour before brackets come out but I can't exactly promise anything.
  12. I look forward to our big meeting in the NIT semis Norris.
  13. lol jk. Remember back in 2002 when we thought we had broken through and were now one of CBB elite? God was just playin with us, we're just Arkansas.
  14. I remember when I was looking into tickets at the BJC for our game they were just stupid cheap. It was like $40 bucks for 4 tickets, 4 large drinks, and 4 subway subs. And the tickets were in the lower bowl. Oh, but PSU still sucks. I'm rooting for them because its our best (and only) road/neutral OOC win and the committee loves those but the NIT may still be a stretch for them. And my predictions were pretty damn good btw. Outside of the KU one... which, uh, I may have been a little off on, I think I got the rest right. And all of my ACC predictions are God-level. UMD is still finishing 2nd because (despite the fact that our half court offense is still a partial birth abortion) because we're one of the 3 or 4 best defensive teams in the country.
  15. FSU just used our gameplan to beat Dook. Should have been us if we could learn how to shoot FTs, but Dook losing is good for humanity. I said this before (I think it got lost in the restore) but Dook without Irving isn't all that. They're still good, but they're probably no better than anyone else in the top 5-10. Oh, and WTF 35 threes. Recruit some brothas (half the team for the first time in... ever!), still play like a bunch of 3 point jacking honkies.
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