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  1. if any of the teams in nevada need a judge for any tourneys in southern california this year (usc, long beach, la costa, fullerton, victory breifs,etc) feel free to email me about it at seddahbi@aol.com. I know how it is to not have anyone to judge for you, especially at out of state tournaments when your team has a limited budget. Also if you are competing on the circuit without your team it is also hard and expensive to find a judge. I know alot of the lesser represented nevada teams read this even though they never post and may be looking to travel the circuit more. I live in socal now so it would be easy for me to judge close by -Sam Eddahbi
  2. I ran this K a few times, it definitely has some flaws. First you can use bataille as a turn or use this k to turn bataille. Next case solves over consumption more then the squo, most of the cards in the k are predicated off of fossil fuel consumption, case turns away from fossil fuels. Next the alt of personal responsibility literaly has no solvency, just make analitics and poke fun at there alt card which has no warrants what so ever. If they read states bad as a link you can always just turn that. And finally FW can easily help you beat this k if your running a straight up aff. Just read utill, this k has a pretty small impact to it or at least a small probability said impact will happen. Just pls dont read cap bad against this, it is not cap.
  3. nah she was some white blonde &%$^* it must have been someone else who told me she judged them too and made another bad decision. Dont get so offended kyle lol
  4. lol policy evidence is the best for research ideas, like i used my whole aff last year for my research paper and did it on water for the poor act. and yea while there were a few legit judges, I didnt get any of them and got stuck with some pretty questionable judges who liked to pick up teams that drop whole disads and vote on stuff that wasnt mentioned in the 2nr. I really did miss unlv judging. I think that judge who gave you a 5 was the same one who picked up moapa lol irony
  5. yea 4th team will be becky and deana, and rach i think you still have my heg file from when you did pf, if so return it? idk. and no you will not drive my car again for a while lol or at least untill i get over the fact that you cut off a porshe. anyways good job gv at state, if only me and lucy had some legit judges im sure we would have been up there with yall and our b team.
  6. state: eddahbi/mylchreest mann/houser districts: eddahbi/mylchreest mann/houser bloch/davis some novice team
  7. hey gv when you know your state team post it, also still havent gotten case list, maybe just copy and paste it into a cross-x message for me?
  8. hey if one of you would send me the case list tonight that would be awesome. You can email it to me at Seddahbi@aol.com or just facebook/cross-x message it to me if that is easier. Also do any of you know about the aff lelani broke on jadon @ the palo tourney? I think it had to do with polymerization but really not sure. Any intel would be great. -Sam
  9. k thanks and tell me if you need anything from me but i think you guys know my aff and kiki saw it at the palo tourney. also kyle this is sad u will not be there (((
  10. Hey anyone in Nevada who reads this should respond. county is in 1 week and state is in 2, i want to know what teams everyone is sending and what u plan on reading. I'm willing to disclose my personal sites in return & will tell you d/a's ive run in the past. Nothing's 100% with the palo team but it will probably be Lucy&Me (Sam E) and Jeremy&Sam H for both county and state. Its 100% the 4 of us but teams may be mixed up, who knows. This is just to insure all teams attending know whats going on and we can all prep on an even playing ground. Thanks so much in advance! -Sam Panther Policy Varsity Captain
  11. hey just wanted to congratulate kyle and alex for breaking at Berkley-the hardest tournament on the west coast, you guys are awesome! -Sam
  12. o thanks, i guess if its that prestigious no one from pv will probably qualify in policy
  13. also what is this ndca biz? you have to qualify some how but how? or is it like the best team from each school can go? im sure one of you know
  14. eh i cant really laugh at that cus we did so bad at gd too you guys did awesome though, congrats on breaking! also valleys a-strat is a securitization k with no alt and a n/u bush political capital pltx d/a, at clark 1-2's broke some how wtf
  15. do you guys know what Coronado runs? I haven't debated them this year and want to make sure its not something I dont have a strat against If theirs a loyalty thing to them dont worry about it, but im guessing theirs not
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