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  1. I was just wondering what are the better Debate Camps to go to for Policy Debate. Some of my Varsity guys are talking about Stanford, Michigan, and Texas, but I'm not really sure. It'll be my 2nd year in policy, and I was just wondering which is good.
  2. Oh, >_>, then I had a pic. My coach is kinda against novices using kritiks, so I don't have any of them to use.
  3. I had an AU pik, but it didn't work to tell, because they asked how we were going to pay for it, and we didn't have that good of cards. Honestly, the AU pik didn't help us much. And I read the thread with all the different CPs on it, but those are relative to the person who's posting it to them. I'm looking for one thats good, and that can be used, I don't know if they're good depending on their posting.
  4. So basically, what I got from that file is that the US consults the Japanese, and therefore, the Japanese say yes, lets do it, it's awesome, and then they help us to do it, therefore making it more useful?
  5. Uhm, what are the advantages/disadvantages of those? I'm kinda newby and don't know...
  6. My coaches honestly don't do that much. We really picked an aff, and then our varsity guys put together a few case negs for us. She's also been MIA, for the last few weeks of practice, and our seniors have been doing it.
  7. So, I went to my first tournament this weekend, and what I noticed was that we did not have a very good CP. Ours was AU CP, and it was a pick. We also had the China CP/DA run against us a few other times, and it seemed pretty good. I was wondering if there were any other strong counterplans that were relatively generic, and could be used for a good number of cases, in novice.
  8. Wow, long beach was retarded. I went with case negs on child soldiers, malaria, land mines, FGC and water, didn't use any but malaria...
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