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  1. Northview will have 3 Varsity teams and I believe 2 JV and 3 Novice
  2. who's going and psyched for the interesting prizes?
  3. wow... varsity policy is pretty much a north fulton showdown. field report at http://gaforensics.com/2009/10/field-report-sequoyah-2/ thx to jmiller
  4. surprised this hasn't come out any earlier, but who's going?
  5. Northview will have quite a few teams there.
  6. pie231

    GHSA State

    NorthviewPY (Aff) was 4-2 and Northview SW (Neg) was 3-3
  7. Northview JY is debating Milton BD 1st break round varsity.
  8. the definition shows dumb having the possible suffixes of er and est. the dumb and dumber movie links on the site are just random google sponsored shiet
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