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  1. So I put up the videos on youtube, starting from 2ac on (also 2ac cx should be up shortly) each speech has its own video save the 1nr which is combined with 2nc cx, I put all the info regarding the round into the description of each vieso (including a link to the case damien ran, and the description of the 1nc) LINKS: This is the whole round in playlist form (BUT 2AC CX is last b/c of video problems) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni_2CgYb5fk&feature=PlayList&p=30777B24AF8A8731&index=0&playnext=1 This next one is to my profile where all the videos are linked and easily accessible http://www.youtube.com/user/csmyser145 Or just search Kinkaid SK or Damien EH HOLLA
  2. I absolutely love Andrew Markoff, and this makes ld look ridiculous. At the same time, I can't help but feel like he took a bid from someone else, no matter how hilarious and embarassing this is.
  3. hah! She can't have won both harvard and berkely, unless she went on different years, but she didn't so..bam. Seriously though, CONGRATS WESTMINSTER, and marx for getting this far, you guys are all pretty much beasts
  4. W/e Schultz your just jealous I finished faust on wheels, and you didn't
  5. Who's Craig Smeyser? His last name is strangely familar...and attractive
  6. The partners who got a 20 at a local tourney. Are khakis and a sweater really that underdressed?
  7. False, few teams have specifc theory on it as it is not really run all that often. We've done it in our 2ac's and the team never really has any substantive answers to it besides the generic "severence bad" which is a debate you should be ready for regardless. WHile I wouldn't go for it, its a good way to suck up block time, and hedge back some of their args.
  8. Has anyone found speaks yet?
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