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  1. UTNIF: I went 2 out of the three summers of my high school career and it was fantastic and I improved substantially. Do it you won't regret it: In my opinion it has the most underrated staff and campers in the country, also you get exposed to non-mainstream arguments (not just k's but ways of looking at the topic and debate in general) that can give you an edge in round, and no matter your skill level there is a place at UTNIF (marathon, Experienced, summer survivors)
  2. LOBSTER GOD WOULD DIE! I STAND BY THAT DECESION! even though I didn't participate in it also I've been told the pentagon is a five sided object, not a gov't agency
  3. http://www.youtube.com/user/csmyser145 That's my youtube page where I have uploaded the berkely quarterfinal round between kinkaid and Damien it starts at the 2ac but the description of the aff and the 1nc is in the video description
  4. Seconded, it sounds like what you might be looking for is/are (grammer?) the aforementioned Green Bubble d/a (that ghill runs/ran) or the picking winners d/a (that westminster ran in conjunction with their gov't intervention bad K) alternatively you could be looking for a coercion k but it doesn't sound like it
  5. Excellent diversion, (we play biffle ball on the weekends together)........ but seriously what's the word count etc. that both sides have agreed on?
  6. I to am interested in this Mostly because I love lobster, and I'm highly devout
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 10000 INTERNETS TO YOU LORD MURRAY, THAT MADE MY NIGHT Also, its true he is a rich jew, he's my sugah daddy
  8. Come on/My way of life--Notorious B.I.G. and Frank sinatra remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsGUAQsZdMU and the following video's soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chYba6bt4aA
  9. I think its definatly possible, my sophmore year I had no idea how to flow or what key componets of debate (uniqueness, turn arguments) were, yet by the end of my juinor year we had qualed. What I believe the keys to this were: 1. Lots of rounds and tournaments, juinor year we went to as many tournaments as possible and had as many rounds as we possibly could, this gives invaluable argumentative practice and improves your understanding of the activity as a whole 2. Lots of work, first semester juinor year I maybe did 5 pages of work second semester I did around 250, while this is no means a huge amount it makes a discernable difference 3. Partner reciprocity, having a great partner or a partner who cares deeply and does lots of work, or both helps an infinty amount 4. Watch high quality rounds either on youtube or just at tournaments when you are out, flow them and think of ways you could win the round and who you would vote for DISCLAIMER: I do go to a school with a lot of resources. However, I think that if a small school focuses down to one or two neg strats and just sits on the aff teching it out as much as possible, it is very possible for a small school to do fantasitically (see Westlake this year those guys are tearing it up).
  10. Kinkaid's memorial results were 5-0 in prelims and 1st place overall, layne and I were also 6th and 7th speaker, I believe there were also around 67 teams in attendance, Thanks for doing all this, Craig
  11. That was the wrongest wrong ever baldy. see hunk bacon strong for a more actual description of the round. I'm going to take your cheeks and what remains of your innocence next time I see you. That is all.
  12. 1nc cx: Layne: (after 20 secs of cx) So this d/a has no uniqueness? No. Layne: SO you ran an non-unique d/a? Yes. Layne: alrighty, moving on....
  13. yeah its in the 2ar description: 2-1 for damien judge list is in the description, perm overcomes the links, polin thought it was severence
  14. I ran this aff at camp, the f/w is a "double gesture" that i gurantee they don't understand also most people (the bacon dude especially and perhaps only him) are right when they say Heidegger, but better strat is they ignore femine bodily fluids or things like pus and mucus (There was a good couple of cards put out on this at UT if anyone has them) could prolly be incorporated into a Eco-fem k, that turns most of case
  15. Brownfields only neg is the devestating new trier case turn "Brown is the color of poo" Vote neg Game, Set, Match, Greenstein
  16. What actually happend was the 1nc read some dalymayr (sp?) cards against heg that were tagged as your heg= a violent ontology and that's bad (or sumsuch k-tag), so 2ac groups that part of the debate and calls it ontology, and then he calls the Military Industrial complex turns/links "heg", china is always china because china is china china china
  17. Talk to layne about that he doesn't let me handle the 4 neg tubs *shudder* but its fairly straight forward stuff, campbell, dalymayr, burke, and Dillon and reid,
  18. yes it would be, yes it does, and yes it is Zach AIM layne about this or find him or me tomarrow, we'll set you straight with sum delicious [insert heg author here]
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