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  1. Adolf

    Deadliest Warrior

    yes. it is so bad ass
  2. I doubt this is the real reason. But it is possible that since the proceedings were taking place in Minnesota, the judge was probably a Vikings fan and knew the Viks had no shot without the Williams Wall.
  3. Adolf

    south park 11/12

    Seriously? Everytime they had Scott Malkison in a scene it was hilarious, or when they were singing... "You've gotta do what you wanna dooo, as long as it's cool and popular with everyone else"
  4. trust me jvl, all you missed was judging painful novice b debate
  5. I don't understand why Affirmative Action is necessary. Could someone please explain why it should even be around anymore.
  6. Adolf

    Pump Up Music

    Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
  7. Ha, lennox hasn't placed in anything in years.
  8. rams at redskins panthers at buccaneers bengals at jets raiders at saints lions at vikings ravens at colts dolphins at texans bears at falcons jaguars at broncos cowboys at cardinals packers at seahawks eagles at 49ers patriots at chargers giants at browns
  9. washington at philly seattle at ny giants san diego at miami indy at houston atlanta at green bay chicago at detroit kansas city at carolina tennessee at baltimore tampa at denver cincy at dallas new englad at san fran buffalo at arizona pitt at jax minnesota at n'awleans
  10. Except for the gays. Yuck.
  11. It's funny you say that even though the twins beat the sox in the overall season series. You combine the salaries of the Rays and the Twins and you're still paying less than you are for the entire Yankee roster...and both the teams are more than likely in the playoffs. So i would have to say that the argument that the payroll is high means the players are better...is pretty outlandish.
  12. Go Twinkies!!! that last game against the White Sox was one of the most intense games i've seen for the twins in a long time!
  13. denver@kansas city atlanta@carolina arizona@new york jets houston@jacksonville minnesota@tennessee san francisco@new orleans cleveland@cincinatti green bay@tampa bay buffalo@st louis san diego@oakland washington@dallas philadelphia@chicago baltimore@pittsburgh
  14. wow such insight on the miami/new england game.../considering you made the comment in the midst of the miami throttling of new england. noob
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