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  1. Ah well most of what i asked was answered by shadow boxer. Shadow Boxer are there any specific answers from the k that you could think of?
  2. good job on stating the obvious colin, im curious as to whether anyone has any suggestions for answers to specific arguments. The one i asked is with impact based k's that are run with cp and da's, affs will respond with (if you go for the k) if you can sever your reps from the da or cp, then we can sever our reps, what are responses to this? Does this just become an aff condo o/w neg condo debate? I assumed not having the argument 1 off would weaken the arg and asked how to answer that weakness.
  3. My curiosity is if the security version of this k is viable if not a 1 off strat? And how one like with security k in gen answered if u can sever ur reps from the da we can sever our reps type args?
  4. Those summer movies look like crap...

  5. i prob personally prefer policy framework, but in the debate my preference has no relevance and will not be shown, if it comes to a framework debate it i will vote for whoever wins that debate, not which one i like better
  6. lolz thats not rly specific, yes i will pull the trigger on theory if the work is done, impact = a must, i don't have a problem with framework, i mean im not entirely sure how to respond to ur post b/c u didn't ask anything, like i said originally i don't care what u run, i don't have any predispositions towards particular arguments, u may run what u want
  7. what school u go 2?
  8. dulles running wildfires in finals?
  9. So is smithville , going to TFA , and NFL nats, and UIL, and has taken 2nd and 3rd the last two years at UIL state
  10. anyone has the SDI medicaid files with all the science diplomacy stuff?
  11. 1. WW1 and 2 -economic low-times created German aggression - mead refeces history , "Think of Weimar Germany, when both Nazi and communist politicians blamed the West for Germany’s economic travails."" If financial crises have been a normal part of life during the 300-year rise of the liberal capitalist system under the Anglophone powers, so has war. The wars of the League of Augsburg and the Spanish Succession; the Seven Years War; the American Revolution; the Napoleonic Wars; the two World Wars; the cold war: The list of wars is almost as long as the list of financial crises" "Europe was a pretty peaceful place in 1928, but the Depression poisoned German public opinion and helped bring Adolf Hitler to power" 2. we access global economic decline because the market isn't isolated. The US economy affects all other economies, mead also references how china is dependent on the U.S. econ, also if coutries believe that the U.S. was indifferent to their well being 3. we can still access the Mead warrants because US economic collapse would still tank US-China relations, change international perception of US power, etc... and our evidence assumes the decline, and the U.S. econ hasn't crashed, it's in decline, savner is assumptive of decline not crash send a media fire link to u in a pm Bio : 1. the card says "the threat of global terrorist organizations acquiring or developing [weapons of mass destruction] and using them against our homeland and interests abroad remains dangerously real,", and and the study was conducted by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. 2. biomedical research won't cure all diseases, but it will adapt to dangerous pathogens as they mutate 3. terrorists could attack us with a variety of diseases, prominent examples being smallpox, anthrax, mutated AIDS, flu, ebola 4. Chris will take this Nano 1. other countries are developing and will develop nanoweapons, and if we don't ensure development is co-operative there will be arms races 2. other countries will develop nanoweapons the same way we will: R&D, innovation, private investors, government labs, etc... depends on the country and the conditions for development Afgan 1. the afghan impact is still unique: afghanistan has been relatively stable, conflict outbreaks are decreasing and the surge was effective. Now that we're giving back the country, they need an effective judiciary to maintain that stability Speech: 1. Dispute - Lustberg and Hafetz is talking about freedom of non-profits and lawyers to advocate what they want- it is referencing the program integrety regulation on the LSc , the I/L to the media and general speech is that non-profits and NGO's are key. Lustberg and Hafetz says "these institutions [referring to third sector] perform functions that are central to the First Amendment and to a vibrant democratic society" 2. the propensity for war is growing but not extremely high- Obama is being diplomatic trying to grow the relations Bush fucked up but we're in the middle ground the plaintiffs were Legal Services of Oregon we increase legal services = SS
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