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  1. Schools pay judging fees for entries that are not covered by their own judges. The fee is paid in order for the tournament to hire judges to cover unfulfilled commitments. Since you have fully satisfied your judging commitment, your school should not owe any hired judge fees.
  2. I put together a policy debate research guide last year. Some of it is specific to the transportation infrastructure topic, but most of it is generally applicable to any topic. http://www.mediafire.com/download/4qdd1p1v1c0px0p/Research_Guide.docx
  3. At this point, I'd wager that the debt ceiling and the shutdown will be resolved simultaneously, but that's about all I'm willing to wager. Everything else is just FUBAR.
  4. Alta is the big in-state TOC-qualifying tournament. Other regional tournaments you might consider include Meadows (Vegas), Golden Desert (Vegas), and Brophy (Phoenix). Tournaments in California like Victory Briefs (Los Angeles) may stretch your budget but are at least somewhat proximate.
  5. TheHutt

    Mod Elections

    No elections until I can be 100% sure the votes are rigged in my favor.
  6. Not just any student's attitude. An eighth grader's attitude. Because, you know, it's not like middle school is a cesspool of hormones and immaturity or anything. I still had "attitude problems" in freaking 11th and 12th grade. Yelled at multiple partners about rounds. Said "I would have done better if I'd been allowed to maverick" in the presence of another partner. Behaved poorly on Cross-X (just check my posting history from 2008-9). I may have had the diplomatic skills and social cognizance of an iguana, but I also took leadership of the team and kept it together during a transition period where I was the only varsity debater on the squad. Those are not mutually exclusive things. The novices from my senior year went on to do great things. The novices from the year after I graduated did some incredible things. If you're letting perceived "attitude problems" get in the way of this kid's—or any kid's—potential contributions to your squad, you're doing it wrong.
  7. "The Roman Catholic church should establish new standards for ordination into the priesthood." I hope you're not Catholic, otherwise your "Ban the Church" CP might land you in trouble with your friendly neighborhood bishop.
  8. Trust me from personal experience when I say that topics with religious actors are a terrible, terrible, terrible idea.
  9. Pretty sure you mean Harvey Dent.
  10. Cut the crap. I debated at a school "on the fucked side of resources." I still help out my school without getting paid, save for covering my costs at the occasional tournament i judge at. They (McClatchy) have six TOC bids this year. Which, you know, probably means they would sweep every accolade you want to sign them up for. Try upgrading your privilege detector before you rush to pass judgment on people you know nothing about.
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