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  1. Sheik

    Survivial of CX

    No wonder CX is dying. But there's no need for discussion. Obviously, how can we prevent it from happening in our schools? In the Rocky North, we don't have many teams so that's why we're flying under the radar, as well as many schools. So it's our problem to deal with. But there's so many things that happen to make people go away. Many less boxes?
  2. Really? Poverty and Health Care? We should have a foreign topic...like space........
  3. I agree. That's why you should not pass this awesome opportunity up. Oh! We're right next to the hospital, which is on 16th Street. We're the castle with vines in front.
  4. So far as anything goes, no one knows what's going on here at the Rocky Mountain Region. Here you go! GREELEY CENTRAL CASTLE CLASSIC!!!!!!! NOVEMBER 15th, 2008 GREELEY CENTRAL HIGH Greeley Central has a Tournament!!!!!! We are desperately looking for judges! It's on November 15th and we need all the help we can get! You can contact me by email at cowgirl07_17@yahoo.com or my coach Sarah sfrench@greeleyschools.org if you want to roll down here and help us out. Plus, we serve delicious, God-fearing food. I think that should be an incentive into coming. Please pass this along and sign up! If not, please, slap yourself. Thanks!
  5. Hey! I was wondering if you guys can help me with some cards. I am looking for any cards that say oil companies suck right now and are willing to take in alt. energy to boost them up. Anything, even some neg against it. email me at cowgirl07_17@yahoo.com
  6. Hee Hee. Romo is going out with Jessica Simpson.
  7. Totally with you there. Look at the AFC West standings. The Chargers are lucky to be in the Playoffs and I think the Broncos, they way they played against the Chiefs, can beat the Chargers on Christmas Eve and gain the spot to go to the playoffs. It's possible. Then Broncos mean business and can beat the Vikings, who are also good. Hopefully they can win against the Texans tonight. Now, Packers, they are good. Brett is good, his running game is ok, the Defense rocks, and the offense could do better. Thing is, can't compete against the game play of the Cowboys, but can have a chance to beath them. Question is, can the Cowboys defeat the Patriots? I mean, yeah, the last time they played, Patriots pwned. Cowboys got better and they got game. But they show nothing. They almost lost to the Lions, who almost beaten the Packers. So there is a possbility that there are three good teams: Patriots, Colts, and the Cowboys. Colts are good, but just lost it after being beaten by The Patriots. But Payton Manning is amazing. He can bring his team together to beat the Patriots. I believe that the Patriots will lose to the Colts.
  8. Well, I run Dutch Disease claiming that the WFPA causes for the SSA to become depedent upon the US. The plan creates that cycle for dependecy. You can see that in Iraq. It's a plan that will cause for the country to depend on us, like a baby with a mother.
  9. Sheik

    Tsetse Flies

    Oh I hit this case and well let's say that the US can't solve. First off, you got to do your own research. there are a lot of good things against this case. If they are planning to erdicate every single tsetse fly, erdication doesn't work. I got evdience if you want it. Also, they status quo is already trying to fix the problem. The people of Africa are trying to control the Fly poplution by setting up nets. So my question is what is their plan going to do for the tsetse fly?
  10. Sheik

    Unexpected Affs

    Dang it. I was going to run a Blindness aff and I have all the evdience and everything but the it's not a swubstanial case. But I have heard about an oil case. Supposely, the US has to buy oil from from Africa and in return, the US will provide PHA to Africa. It's really dumb and I can think of 15 arguments to run against it. Also, Tsetse fly and tobacco are others that have been run. (Look for thread! )
  11. Sheik

    [Aff] Tsete Fly

    Aw. It's cool. But I have found some good neg on that aff. But any points from you guys will be AWESOME! But I am still stuck on stupid tsetse fly. I actually really like but I honestly wouldn't run it. Yet, anything that would be cool against this case would be great. Any evidence would help. I promise from my deep, ruddy heart I will give good evidence.
  12. Haha. But if there's no water, where are those tears coming from? :| Anyways, this case is dumb. Water isn't, but this case is. Fruity and ironic, perfect for novice. But wait...what the heck are aquatabs?
  13. Sheik

    [Aff] Tsete Fly

    Nope, we didn't go to that Tourament but we did hit it in finals. 'cept we lost. Only one page of neg stuff for that case. Though, they were not topical. What was their case about? (plan?0 Sweet, I'll check on that.
  14. Sheik

    Neg blocks

    Verticalization: Focusing on only one disease is bad. It's a rockin' DA. Dutch Disease: Med, nets, spraying. Doesn't it sound like Africa can do that with out the US doing it. Just saying that dependency keeping the cycle going. Drug Resistance: The Mosquito will eventually become immune to DDT, turning their case. Corruption: Africa's gov'ts are corruption=No distribution=No solvency Internation factors CP or a Privatization CP. Development Corruption Global Warming Eco. US/China
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