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  1. My name is James Holley and I am a former HS debater from the Chicago UDL. I am relocating to the Santa Cruz area and would love to assist in the coaching of a team. I use to debate for Morgan Park HS from the seasons of 99-00 till 02-03 in which i was fairly successful ( Qualifying for NFLs twice, cleaing at 10 + TOC bid tournaments, winning the Chicago City Championships 3 years consecutively, winning or closing out over 15 tounaments in the Chicago Debate League, and countless speaker awards.) I have coach quite extensively for my alma mater actually coaching one team to the TOC in the 04-05 season. I have worked with other schools both within and outside my debate league including Lane Technical HS (Chicago) Whitney Young Magnet (Chicago) Von Stubean (Chicago) Rocky Mountain HS ( Fort Collins, CO) just to name a few. I have also worked numerous times in a teaching capacity teaching two sumers at the Spartan Debate Institutte held by the Michigan State Debate team. I have also taught at the Chicago Debate Instiute those two summers as well. Im looking for a position in the bay area close or around the Santa Cruz area ( But I am willing to travel throughout the bay area). I am looking to help out in any way that i can from evidence research to judging. I would love to establish a relationship with a team starting soon so that we can have the summer to establish a bond if this suits your teams needs let me know . James Holley
  2. So forgive me if this has already been addressed but I feel like most of the current topic conversation tends to focus on what "types" of alternative energy should be presented or legalized i.e. legalize hemp production thus legalizing the use of hemp based energy, and etc. But I feel like the heart of the topic would or at least should revolve around what types of incentives the government provides to encourage the use of alternative energy and also its production. I feel under this interpretation a case that extended or made the current incentives permanent would be more topical than geothermal energy production or a case that gave credits to produce wind energy. I could be wrong but I would love to hear what you all think.
  3. I need an aff file that answers her gender binaries arguments
  4. I need a butler affirmative file I have lots to trade email me strungcheese1@yahoo.com thanks james
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