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  1. yea im having a hard time cutting an advantage to use with my case that makes Africa self-sufficient
  2. Does anyone have one that I can trade for.
  3. double d

    Regional Caselist

    Hey Rishi add Desertification
  4. This year I have been having a really bad time winning on Negative with Lay judges. I was wondering whatevery one else was running on the negative with lay judges.
  5. Does anyone have any neg for this case? It says that it will stop the growth of the desert and that desertification is the root cause of global warming.
  6. double d


    Do you have neg for their case?
  7. double d


    Gillette we will send all 4 Worland will probably have 6 Cheyenne Central ? Powell-2 Wright-1 idk though
  8. Does anyone out there have answers to the NASA Tradeoff DA. Please help me. Thanks
  9. I think i like SCFI if they have a camp this year.
  10. Does anyone know about Sun Country Forensics Institute 2008?
  11. That can't be run in Wyoming, under the Novice division. If Starks doesn't argue it you can't do anything. Tell Starks to check it out(if it is a Novice team). If it's a Varsity team they aren't that good so don't worry about it.
  12. Hey Nameir whats the cost and do u have the website?
  13. Is it a Wyoming team or a Colorado team? And what school are they from?
  14. Ill probably be going to WFI again. lately though I've been thinking about UNT. Jon is right the fact that WFI is so cheap for the instruction it is a crime not to go.
  15. double d

    Regional Caselist

    yea DOC in a box is like that they will fill old shipping crates with medical supplies and ship them to africa. corruption/diversion DA would work well. Also, infrastructure and anti-microbial.
  16. double d


    UK CP Lifestraws are mwde in the UK
  17. double d

    Regional Caselist

    Wyoming: Dock in a Box Global Health services Women's Rights Any questions PM me
  18. run T Interpretation: Public: To all Men women and Children Violation: Only to women If the Case is like that commercial Interpretation: Health Assistance is Not Education Violation: trying to pass education as Health Assistance
  19. double d

    Regional Caselist

    Elizibeth PM me and ill explain it.
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