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  1. Yea there has to be some copyright issues.
  2. Getting back to the real point of the thread. I thought the documentary was very good.
  3. double d

    Bo Burnham

    That was funny!
  4. That would be interesting. I like the idea.
  5. Too bad HOA isn't over yet, shes just telling you the files they are working on. If you would like to know HOA gets over the 19th. Then and only then is when you should beg for files.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  7. Still Tied @ the top of the 14th
  8. All-Star Game: Top of the 13th tied 3-3 Who u got Go NL!!!
  9. double d

    Law School?

    Who is this ex-debater of yours. Im just wondering to c if I know who they are.
  10. The disincentive would just be like dont do their incentive but use their alternate energy. Bioregions allows us to connect local people with the knowledge, resources and research necessary to implement appropriate, sustainable projects. Libertarianism would probably be more of a kritik tho. It is the belief that each person owns his own life and property, and has the right to make his own choices as to how he lives his life.
  11. Disads Oil Dependency Prices Caspian Sea South China Sea Venezuela Middle East OPEC Movements Environmental justice ELF Economy Spending Chinese economy Food prices Inflation Nitrogen runoff Politics Elections Obama McCain Sierra Club Congress Hegemony Isolationism Militarization DARPA CPs Disincentive Staes Libertarianism Bioregions Ex-Alaska Ban DOE Executive order
  12. My Grandma sent me candy an cookies last year. except jared and the rest of Chey East ate it all
  13. Yea maybe they have a good lineup, if Zambrano didnt carry them with his pitching they'd be in a world of trouble. not to mention they have one of the worst road records in the majors. Marmol is pitching like crap lately. And wood blew it against the cards yesterday. As for the cards, they have the lowest ERA in the NL. And the best defense in the Majors. Not to mention they have Ankeil, Pujols, and Ludwick. All at the top of the list in the big 3 stats. Sure the cubs have a good offense, i wont lie. but we all know that offense wins games, but good pitching and a great defense wins championships. *cough* 2006
  14. double d


    do you know how those programs work? because i downloaded both and wasnt able to access the files.
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