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  1. Anyone have SDI from the oceans topic, I could even trade for it if you would like. PM me please and thank you.
  2. what exactly is queer theory?
  3. Anyone have sdi from '04?
  4. Is that 4th and 5th week, or just 5th week?
  5. i had to watch it twice. but watch .
  6. Its the most for any female in 1 olympics
  7. I love how everyone is focusing on michael phelps. What about 41 year old Dara Torres who had a great performance. Natalie Caughlin, who took home 6 medals, which has never been acheived at a single olympics on the women's side of the spectrum. What about 19 year old Rebecca Soni who staged a huge upset in the 200 breaststroke. Michael phelps did amazing, but so did the other members of the US swim team. Except for Katie Hoff who choked......again.
  8. Here is Baylor, to make downloading easier for everyone else. http://www.mediafire.com/?yac82thg6jz
  9. I did this last year, it helps a lot.
  10. You have to remember though, Rodgers is going to have to match Favre stat for stat. I don't think that will happen.
  11. agreed. swam the fastest leg in history.
  12. double d


    Everything I found was on Framework for Kritiks, I was more looking for some general framework help.
  13. double d


    Can anyone help me break down a framework argument and help me write one? Like what are the aspects one needs? Thanks
  14. Does anyone have it? I know it's not an openly traded camp, but I have some things to trade. PM me, please and thank you.
  15. Look at the first post. It has dates.
  16. Is it possible that someone could trim this thread a little more. It is a little cluttered, as long as the posts all transfer to the first post there is no need for the other 14 or 15 pages. Please and thank you.
  17. did you get that as a pop up on ur gmail? He is hard core interp and PF. He had 1063 NFL points and double qualified to nationals his senior year and went in Duet.
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