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  1. We dont have any Policy teams, and I know Kelly Walsh will have their novice team.
  2. Does anyone have the Whitman LD files from this summer. I have some policy evidence I can trade. PM me and we can negociate something.
  3. 1. Best Varsity Team – too many good teams to pick one. Id say top 2 are: Amy and Erin and Darsh and Liz 2. Best Novice team- no idea haven't seen a lot of them 3. Most Underrated debater: I think every debater in the state has the capability 4. Best Squad- East...i mean what did they qual like 16 kids to nats or some crazy margin- double qualled in CX 5. Best Affirmative Team- amy and erin 6. Best 1A- Jared 7. Best 2A- Amy 8. Best Negative Team- Darsh and Liz fo sho 9. Best 1N- no one real memorable 10. Best 2N- Amy and Darsh 11. Prettiest Speaker- Amy 12. Fastest Debater- not many speed debates in Wyoming, so its hard to see everyones capability in this area 13. Most likely to do well next year- Swartz/Bergene-Adamski/?-Sapp/White-Ostrem/Smith-Patel/Zamora.....feel free to add 14. Person most likely to graduate and judge- Amy, Jared, and Kacey 15. Best Judge- Carina, im sure there are others that I never had the chance to debate for 16. coach of the year- No Idea, Policy coaches I'd have to say Carina, and Crowe 17. Best K debater- Darsh only K debate all year (except for the 3 at Harvard) 18. Best Counterplan debater- Saw one....Amy 19. Best T debater – T was never ran on us all year long.....no joke 20. Best partnership: Darsh and Liz 21. Most Untopical case: OEA (the crazy one our novices ran at nat quals) 22. Best negative position: I liked our Coal DA 23. Funniest off case position you saw: Advocacy run on solvency 24. Favorite tourney: Ironically Buffalo 25. Least favorite tourney: Torrington 26. Scariest Debater: Amy, Darsh 27. Funniest Debater/Coach/Judge: Jared/Knox/idk? 28. Senior you will miss most: I will miss them all a lot. the list is long, but the one I will mis the most is probably Liz.
  4. Congrats! Jared, Ben, Jon, and Bergene (sorry i don't know your first name) but you guys did a good job.
  5. So we Have 10: East: Berry/Fanning Swartz/Bergene Deville/Crane Macklin/Mcmillion Gillette: Bradley/Wadsack Mock/Sorenson Gengozian/Talcott Newcastle: Cleverdon/Patel ?/? Central: Bowie/Gondolia Correct me if im wrong. Hope to see you all tomorrow!
  6. we will send 3 Mock/Sorenson Gengozian/Talcott and idk yet on the 3rd team
  7. Quarters: Newcastle CP d. Green River AB Powell OS d. Worland WS Cheyenne East BS d. Worland MM Green River JP d. Cheyenne East BF Semis: Newcastle CP d. Powell OS Green River JP d. Cheyenne East BS FINALS: Newcastle CP d. Green River JP Congratulations Darshan and Elizabeth. You both deserved it and worked very hard. Also, Congrats to all of the 8 teams that broke!!
  8. double d


    We have 8 but that is enough to qualify 2 because the total distrct entries r there
  9. you also have to realize that is all Worland has with their few interpers. Bryce told me that they were bringing 5 teams.
  10. double d


    10, and we have 10, but we will deal with that later Akash
  11. Gillette: Talcott/Gengozian Sorenson/Mock Powell: Smith/Ostrem Moore/Harker Cody: Bank/Fraizer(sp) Worland: Sapp/White Moore/Morrison + 3 other teams Central: Gondalia/Fich Douglas: Smylie/Grey 17 teams total counting the 5 above but Worlnd could send more, who knows.
  12. we r going to buffalo and so is Worland.
  13. We have 1 for sure, maybe 2. Talcott/Gengozian Sorenson/Kane (maybe)
  14. double d


    Anyone from the mountain region going? We will send 2 teams.
  15. That site is from 2 years ago. Matt has said it will happen again but we will see. I think he site for the camp usually hasn't been up until mid-February in the past.
  16. double d


    Why are you switching partners Jared?
  17. I thought that this might help size up the competition for tournaments i everyone posted their remaining schedule. Here is ours CCHS: Jan. 9-10---Northwest College Jan. 16-17-- V-Bozeman? N-Newcastle Jan. 23-24-- Worland Jan. 30-31-- Camel Classic-Gillette Feb. 6-7---- Natrona Feb. 13-14-- Wheatland Feb. 20-21-- Torrington Feb. 27-28-- Buffalo March 6-7--- Douglas TBD--------- STATE in Sheridan @ Sheridan College March 26-28- Hole in the Wall- LCCC
  18. Okay, i think he was going to register like monday or tuesday.
  19. double d


    Happy New Year Mountain Region. Hope it turns out great for all of you.
  20. I think we are comin again. You did a great job with it last year.
  21. We will be at NWC, Gillette won't be there.
  22. double d


    My novices are having a hard time analyzing and understanding evidence as well as questions for Cross-examination. How do I help them to be a better debaters.
  23. Chances are you probably will. You are both 2 of the top teams in the state, and there is a lot of season left. Not to mention we are in the same district.
  24. Why are you sad? is the first place trophy just eating at you?
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