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  1. NFLStudent50Percent I found this 50% discount code for the SpeechVideos.co site. It looks like they update the site yearly...but have policy, ext, oratory, & puff materials already up.
  2. http://extempbox.com is now live! ...and it's free of course! I had a few local HS kids ask if I'd put together a news site for extemp folks ....bringing together headlines AND updating regularly (every 30 min). This is our first iteration, although it will be modded and grown. If you have extempers just looking for a place to start news/topic reading, this may be a decent opportunity for them. We will continue to add news/topic feeds & additional resources. If you have any thoughts don't hesitate to send them along and we'll see if we can incorporate them pronto. Circuit folks especially, we'd be happy to get your feedback!
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