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  1. okay, so here's mine: 1> Best Debater Overall – a) Best Senior Debater… cody Best Junior Debater… sam (as we apparently now affectionately call mr. tumnas) c) Best Sophomore Debater… tyler thur d) Best Fresh(wo)man Debater… marquette’s novices always manage to impress me. and i can't discredit our children--they did pretty well at state. e) Most Improved Debater… my partner jdawg. he was SO good this year. f) Debaters With Most Potential… matt and tyler. don’t you dare quit debate, gentlemen... not until you win the toc! h) Best Team/Pair… matt and tyler. these boys are already sick good. finals of state as sophomores... very impressive. 2> Best Round Overall – a) Best Round You Watched… in state, the pf round a bunch of us watched at quals. Crossssfire. Best Round You Debated In…. nfl quals day 2 verses Marquette ct. debating them is always a pleasure, and it was our first aff round all year not running patriarchy.... plus, I hear there was sarcasm dripping off the walls. a fun round overall. 3> Best Program Overall – probably marquette a) Best Program For Novices… marquette Best New Program… was there a new program this year? c) Most Improved Program… app west d) Program You’d Most Like To Debate For (Other Than Yours)… I don’t think I could abandon my novices, haha. 4> Best Argument a) Best Affirmative Case… patents! Best Counterplan… fund wolverine protection programs. c) Best Disadvantage… politics is the only disad worth running. d) Best Kritik… hahaha dng. e) Best T/Theory Argument… anything that is not the trap. 5> Best Specific Skills a) Best 1NC… uhh it’s a 1nc? i don't know. someone quick. Best 2AC… jason's given quite a few solid ones. c) Best 2NC… amen's and sam's are beastly... i'm always worried my 1ar is screwed. d) Best 1NR… tyler e) Best 1AR… cody’s are always impressive. f) Best 2NR… matt or colton g) Best 2AR… tyler’s tend to be five minutes of humor and brilliance. g) Fastest Debater… cody i) Funniest Debater… tyler 6> Other Stuff a) Favorite Tournament (in-state)… sheb north raider rumble or marquette hilltopper classic or the wdst or… we have some fun tournaments! Favorite Tournament (out-of-state)… new trierrr c) Favorite Judge/Critic… trilling. d) Weirdest Round You Saw/Debated In… nfl quals verses sam and kevin with the 3 mukwonago judge panel. Good times. “Don’t forget, we’ve made substantial contributions to all three of your campaigns.” e) Best Non-Debate Experience at a Debate Tournament… umm quite a few come to mind. VIVA LA REVOLUCION… or sneaking out to jewel osco and becoming PREFERED customers just so we could get ice cream for like five cents cheaper. haha, the best was clearly dancing to party in the u.s.a… f) Funniest Thing You Stumbled Upon While Researching… research? what’s that? hahaha g) thanks for a phenomenal four years, wisconsin debate. i’m going to miss you all. <3
  2. Soo, to my knowledge, we don't have one of these yet for the 2009-2010 season. Nicolet thought it was time to change that. I just copy-pasted from past years: For the last six years a Wisconsin State tournament reflection post shows up either on cross-x.com or on WFD. That reflection post, entitled “Wisconsin Debate Persona of the Year” asks the community a series of questions to nominate who they felt has done the best this year. WFD encourages everyone to participate in the reflection of the year that was in Wisconsin Debate. The questionnaire: 1> Best Debater Overall – a) Best Senior Debater… Best Junior Debater… c) Best Sophomore Debater… d) Best Fresh(wo)man Debater… e) Most Improved Debater… f) Debaters With Most Potential… h) Best Team/Pair… 2> Best Round Overall – a) Best Round You Watched… Best Round You Debated In…. 3> Best Program Overall – a) Best Program For Novices… Best New Program… c) Most Improved Program… d) Program You’d Most Like To Debate For (Other Than Yours)… 4> Best Argument a) Best Affirmative Case… Best Counterplan… c) Best Disadvantage… d) Best Kritik… e) Best T/Theory Argument… 5> Best Specific Skills a) Best 1NC… Best 2AC… c) Best 2NC… d) Best 1NR… e) Best 1AR… f) Best 2NR… g) Best 2AR… h) Fastest Debater… i) Funniest Debater… 6> Other Stuff a) Favorite Tournament (in-state)… Favorite Tournament (out-of-state)… c) Favorite Judge/Critic… d) Weirdest Round You Saw/Debated In… e) Best Non-Debate Experience at a Debate Tournament… f) Funniest Thing You Stumbled Upon While Researching… g) other p.s. If this gets moved to wfd, that's fine. I just didn't know how to post things there!
  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  4. aww. i wish i could go!! move dexter closer to milwaukee, plzkthnx.
  5. Below is a link to the unofficial facebook group for SDI 2009. If you'll be attending, feel free to join! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=87032414908#/group.php?sid=3962c52ef32745cc427cb72d79098d69&gid=87032414908&ref=search
  6. the cat


    *they're --- But, yeah. A frontline is just comprised of multiple (usually diverse) arguments.
  7. deal with us?! we're good kids, psh. i don't know what YOU're talking about... andy, you are lame. lamer than malthus (and that's saying a lot).
  8. Who all is applying? Abby Loxton (senior, nicolet) and Chloe Wittenberg (senior, henry sibley) are returning. We're requesting the harris-bricker-stahl lab. <3
  9. military affs are the shiyyyiiit.
  10. you told me to write on your wall.....even though i dont really have anything to say.


    yes, i am being difficult.

  11. the cat


    Almost as bad as once the neg team pronounced Mearsheimer as Marshmallow.... that was a fun round.
  12. Agreed. It's not necessarily required to dress up, nor even unusual if you don't. I just enjoy it.
  13. Your best bet would be to just use a basic water camp file (I know GDI and JEDI's were both pretty sweet) and find a few specific cards that lifestraws solve. Such as this one, borrowed from the Clean Water aff thread. GizMag.com No Date (URL: http://www.gizmag.com/go/4418/) The aptly-named LifeStraw is an invention that could become one of the greatest life-savers in history. It is a 25 cm long, 29 mm diameter, plastic pipe filter and costs just a few dollars (the manufacturers originally informed us the price was around US$2.00 but the price is now under review and we'll be posting a new price shortly. The most prolific killer of human beings in developed countries is the automobile, followed by a host of diseases resulting mainly from an indulgent lifestyle. Millions of people perish every year because they simply don’t have clean water to drink. Until now, there was not much we could do about this because systems to clean water were costly and required electricity and spare parts and and and … but the LifeStraw now offers a viable means of saving tens of millions of lives every year. LifeStraw is a personal, low-cost water purification tool with a life time of 700 litres – approximately one year of water consumption for one person. Positive test results have been achieved on tap, turbid and saline water against common waterborne bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella, Enterococcus and Staphylococcu. If we (as in the big WE) can find a way of manufacturing and distributing one of these to each human at risk, every year, we could save countless lives (now there’s a noble outcome for the tech blogs and mags of the world to work together to promote this). Each LifeStraw lasts for one person’s annual needs of clean water – a simple straw costing a few dollars will ensure that one at-risk person will not die for a year - now that's a donation we can all make with a serious kicker! This LifeStraw was designed with special emphasize on avoiding any moving parts, as a sealed unit with no replaceable spare parts, and avoiding the use of electricity, which does not exist in many areas in the 3rd world. But as force (power) is required to implement the filtering, Vestergaard Frandsen chose to use the natural source of sucking, that even babies are able to perform. A brief technical rundown is available at MedGadget, the internet journal of emerging medical technologies. We run playpumps as our solvency mech, but we just used a regualar water aff with a few playpumps solvency cards. Good luck!
  14. I think both are topical, but the T debate'll be really messy next year. Not only positive v. Negative But it also poses the question: must incentives be monetary? Or is giving lollipops out for using wind power a topical case? (Although.. the solvency there'd probably be pretty weak, unless you have an amazing America Wil Do Anything For Lollipops Card...) Any thoughts out there?
  15. Agreed. Congress is technically debate. Poorly done, and inferior to policy, but still debate. Sometimes it frustrates me; people just get up there making the same arguments as the senator before them... but that's usually how you win. Very strange. (And yes, I do both, so I don't feel bad about insulting congress. after all, policy is my true love.)
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