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  1. wtf? i hear youre doing LD instead? NOO!

  2. nswtf

    College Programs

    how many college programs are there, well in the NE?
  3. haha yea, im no tech person but it would be pretty cool if someone did it
  4. nswtf

    UIL State 2008

    cant complain bout judging, shit happens
  5. nswtf

    Indiana 08-09

    especially with the rez
  6. are there any big tournys in nevada?
  7. nswtf

    Regional Caselist

    just look at glenbrooks wiki
  8. I would go, cept no partner haha
  9. this is the last TOC qual tourny rite?
  10. not to mention a lot of them werent perms
  11. sounds like an interesting feature
  12. yea there are some pretty good non/u cards on LOST shouldnt be hard to find
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