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    sorry to stray off topic, but is anyone going to MSU solely to help their novices/chill ?
  2. Well that is the point of perm do the cp...esp. against extremely abusive consult counterplans
  3. I know. i did too. i was referring to a round i had with josh
  4. I think the violation is in the uMich7week camp T file. i emailed you.
  5. the gonzaga debate camp put out a huge XO file with pres powers good stuff (and aff answers). i think this is it.... <http://www.mediafire.com/?eydc9zvqnzc> but if it doesnt work, go to the ev trading forum, free camp files and find GDI
  6. Im sorry to revive an old thread, but does anybody have a scanned prelim packet or perhaps a link to the prelim results packet for all the teams? If so I would appreciate it if you posted it because we left immediately after duboctas and I dont think the people at UMich will be mailing it to us, so thanks in advance
  7. Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry, Im not in the debate class, therefore I have no idea how many novices interested in pursuing debate we have. All I know is that we have a lot....a lot....but yeah 3 novice teams. Im so pissed I cant go: im missing a debate tourney that ACTUALLY has a different brand of pizza than lil' ceasers......sigh.
  8. I will not be going to Okemos, as much as it breaks my heart because its a sweet tourney, no doubt about it. On varsity FHN MK (Morris Klanderman) is going, and we are uncaging a ton (6 teams ?) of novices.
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