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  1. I think that the Rockies will be tough to beat if Jimenez gets back to the way he was in 2010. So far he has not pitched that way, but when he is on he is on. Also they are hitting better this year with tulo not being hurt. As well as now having a solid pitching staff. I think that this team can make a deep run, especially because they are a second half team.
  2. I think teh Nuggets will lose one game just like they did to the Hornets.
  3. Agreed. I like the Nuggets, but i think in 4, they are trying to prove themselves.
  4. Na the SEC and the PAC-10 have the best shot.
  5. Pathetic... we will have probably ten varsity if not thirty novices
  6. ther are four 2-0 teams two 1-1 teams i know who they all are but wont post so other teams can't figure out who they are hitting and prep out....
  7. well what funny is i always have answers to the crazy shit you run... we shall see darshan... we shall see
  8. can i get these as well if you have them or if you get them jon?
  9. thanks... still if anyone has evidence it's still appreciated... but thank you
  10. we have hit this team once... we won but the other teams from our school keep losing to it... I made a short version of the neg because i left for spring break and have had a ten page research paper due... does anyone have anything on this case and will you please post it?
  11. true but you still congradualated them here to
  12. Nice is he irish as well? that would turn out to be hilarious
  13. it's only because at the school it's saved under the different profiles... plus i never realize it until you tell me... sorry darshan
  14. thanks jon talcott should be a man and just tell the name of the secret weapon team
  15. thanks.. we should have enough to qual two teams
  16. This is not english class let him be as ill-literate as he wants. plus this is supposed to be on congradulating kent not making fun of each other. Once again Kent great job and good luck.
  17. did we debate them last year? are they good?
  18. me to... i'm shaking..... scary... not so much ha ha
  19. sorry you said it in the douglas thread... so i brought it back up
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