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  1. This is the list to the best of my knowing: Andrew Arsht - Utah Josh Dean - Kansas Mario Feola - Utah Kendall Kaut - Kansas Sam Miller - South Dakota Taylor Nichols - Kansas Mike Selck - Missouri Chris Power - New Hampshire Top Six: Katryna Cadle - New Hampshire Carl Fitz - texas Patrick Githens - Kansas Erik Johnson - california Colin Quinn - Illinois Vijay Sridharan - California
  2. what are you thinking of cutting?
  3. yeah, the majority of their cd is pretty good but some of the songs are just mediocre.
  4. are you positive that there is a larger one?
  5. I thought that the whole tournament was really lackluster. No true cinderella's or amazing games.
  6. That yankees pitching looked fantastic yesterday...Sabathia=waste of money p.s. Yankees suck
  7. sorry if my stab at humor was misinterpreted, all too often the intellectual Stalin inside of me takes reigns. The comment was meant in the same respectful smack talk that proliferates other sports like basketball and football, i would hope that our entire team's image has not somehow been spoiled by an overly rude joke
  8. yeah, i have a feeling the whole division will be within 10 wins of each other, its gonna be tight
  9. I think they all are hilarious, everytime I watch them again I always catch onto a new joke I didn't before. I'm Bo Yo is probably the best
  10. Not gonna happen, Red Sox have that division locked this year. I can see the yankees being the wild card but there pitching, though it is really good after years of it being mediocre, will only develop late in the season.
  11. i think you are blowing this up more than it needs to be. you got neg rep'd it's not the end of the world.
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