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  1. Just wondering if there are any. I just moved to Jacksonville. I competed in policy in high school and college, and have coached policy and public forum. I miss debate, just wondering if there's any schools that need help or tourneys I can judge at.
  2. does this still work ok if you dont have excel, just word 2007? i wouldnt flow on my computer anyway, i just like the tub/expando features
  3. ninja


    See this just seems crazy to me. ANY offense? I mean teams generally read offense on every flow...so wouldnt you always get stuck with everything? Just baffling to me. =/ Oh well
  4. ninja


    Couple of things that've been bothering me / that I've been curious about dispositionality 1) Does anyone actually run anything dispo....I have never seen it done. Ever. 2) What does dispo even look like...at the point where no one ever reads anything dispositionally I am no longer entirely sure what it entails...does it mean you get to chose the conditions under which youll kick it in cross-x or is there a universal interpretation of what dispo means? 3) Is dispo even strategic...Despite the fact that apparently it "solves all the reasons why condo is bad", according to every condo bad block ever, I just dont get the point
  5. ninja

    Cutting an Aff

    Didn't know this! Cite?
  6. He was nominated less than two weeks after he took office. I think this undermined the credibility of the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm not saying Obama isn't going to earn it in the future, but I look at all these other brilliant people on the list....a doctor who started am organization in Africa that's helped hundreds of thousands of abused women...a man who's started hundreds of schools for Arabic girls, at the threat of death....organizations who've saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives by cleaning up cluster bombs... They have already been working toward bettering the world for years, and it just saddens me that they would 1) not recognize one of these outstanding people and 2) cheapen the significance of Obama receiving the prize by not giving it to him later in his presidency, when he's actually done more.
  7. Fiating that the Supreme Court hear a case originating in a lower state court seems theoretically problematic. The best argument is limits: there are THOUSANDS of cases in the federal court system. Add every single case looked at on the stte court level those limits would explode. I cannot emphasize enough the magnitude of the judiciary system. I suppose the affirmative response is that a solvency advocate would check abuse. However, good luck finding solvency advocate for some state court social service case that really recommends it go ll the way to the Supreme Court...the ILs to advantages would have to be shady, I doubt there's many in depth articles on such small cases.
  8. For the record, it was a fake frog, but I agree the guy is a loony Edit: Or so he says. Now I'm not sure if that turned out to be true or not.
  9. ninja

    Novice/Lay Strategies

    thanks all!! good ideas for disads. I just really feel like I should give them some sort of counterplan; I feel like lay judges want to feel like they're voting for some course of action, not just doing nothing in the face of the harms. But I still can't figure out which one would be persuasive...
  10. I'm glad you're doing alright!! In my second year of debate, a fire forced us to evacuate (no harm done to house in the end, luckily)...the first thing I thought to pack was my tub. It MUST be some sort of genetic defect, I told some friends this and they thought I was crazy =)
  11. What do you think are some good negative off case positions to start novices off on in front of lay judges? Spending maybe? Dependency? I can't figure it out, especially the question of what counterplans would be persuasive.
  12. ninja

    Writing my Plan Text

    I'll stand by and elaborate on my initial comment. There is NO reason to avoid a debate you can predict. For all those gazillion debaters who think they're innovative, original, and otherwise hot shit for running this argument, that PIC will take up time in the 1NC that could be otherwise filled with unpredictable disads, kritiks, case hits, etc. WHY would you leave yourself open to answer arguments you can't predict when you could put together a devastating & offensive 2AC to this argument that will effectively knock out one of the neg's strategies going into the block, or perhaps give you a favorable time tradeoff with theory they have to answer. There's a reason predictability is a standard on T debates. Predictability is the gateway to smart arguments on both sides. If you can predict it, you can research it, and you can beat it. On the other hand, if the the particular program you choose is already targeted toward people under the poverty line, no need to include the word. I just think you should avoid that stupid "topically designated" crap. Also, then perhaps you can get the neg to waste time reading T -- for persons in poverty.
  13. ninja

    Writing my Plan Text

    'Topically designated' was not cool on the Africa topic, nor is it cool on this topic. Man up and write a bomb-ass 2AC block to the poverty PIC. Why avoid a debate you can predict? MAKE people read that position so you can school them on it.
  14. I think this is a good idea, despite the amazing resources compiled at planet debate. I'm pretty sure not all camps have decided to host their files and lectures on Planet Debate, and personally, I don't like the haphazard organization of camp files there anyway. It might be better to have a searchable database of all free camp files, sorted by argument as well as camp that produced them, instead of mingling them in with all the lectures and files for sale.
  15. I think you missed the original post. This proves that there is a vast benefit to vegetarianism/reduced meat eating other than personal health/animal rights--it might be a vital step toward feeding the world and ending global warming. I would say there's no "real" purpose to vegetarianism--there are many different motivations for making such a lifestyle choice.
  16. No, explain your logic? I read the article twice but it doesn't seem to give grounds for an attack on Iran...all it does is explain why Saddam bluffed about nuclear weapons. It doesn't say that Iran has nuclear weapons, or that Iran is a threat to us; all it says is that Saddam thought Iran was a threat to Iraq.
  17. Georgetown is VERY legit. Some very great minds there teaching those kids.
  18. Any camps other than GDI Scholars considering modeling their camp file formatting after Whitman's (and other colleges as well, though Whitman has been the most famous) paperless debate technique? I think it'd be great if more camps did this, so those of us considering paperless debate next year would find it easier to integrate with summer camp files. This seems to be becoming a trend on the college level, and it'd be great if high schoolers adopted it as well. Here's the paperless debate manual: http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2009-April/078374.html
  19. ninja

    Elerly aff

    Counterplan: Expand social security/medicare benefits to the elderly, PIC out of messing with the poverty line. Net benefit: Politics DA with social services / poverty policy unpopular link. That's the problem with many of these affs that attempt to deal with a particular subsection of the population not necessarily in poverty, like veterans, elderly, etc. If you don't craft them correctly, they are very susceptible to PICs. There has to be a unique advantage to the plan stemming from poverty related issues, not just the issues an elderly or disabled person would face regardless of whether or not they're in poverty.
  20. I know that probably next year people will be running states as usual. It IS a tool, just another strategy in the negative's arsenal, and I doubt people would stop running it just because of some sort of commitment to education. As long as it remains a strategic way to suck up all the affirmative's offense, teams aren't going to care that the predominance of the States CP drives teams away from exploring much of the topic. What wins rounds, wins rounds. brorlob, I'm not quite certain I see what your CP is getting at, or how it would have Objectivism as a net benefit--you're still spending a crapload of taxpayer dollars--and taxes are immoral coercion, if I remember my Rand right. Rand would reject all government spending and economic intervention. Though I do wonder what role block grants will play in the topic. Federal block grants to states and then state implentation of social services with that money seems to be how many services work now. I wonder if that has any CP possibilities at all.
  21. Just watched Georgetown's lecture on 50 State Fiat, and was interested by all the points raised about how it affects debaters' knowledge of the topic. There was even talk of creating momentum within summer institutes away from the States CP, so has to shift the way rounds will play out next year away from the usual States + Politics model. What does everyone on cross-x think about the States CP? Do you think it hurts the way we learn about poverty in America, by making us turn away from the vast portions of the issue that are very important issues in reality, but aren't uniquely under federal jurisdiction? Do you think debate would be better without the States CP? Or do we need strategies like it to keep the range of possible affirmatives smaller for the negative to compete?
  22. Just wanted to let you know that what you're doing is appreciated, especially by those of us with teammates not able to afford going to camp. I have a feeling that these lectures you're posting will be invaluable resources to my team this summer. I hope more camps are encouraged to follow the lead of Dartmouth and Georgetown this summer in sharing their lectures so openly.
  23. Yeah, you could maverick. That's probably the best option if there's really no one else. But maybe the PF team would debate you if you asked? You could provide them with the files so they don't have to do work. Or if you know anyone who does policy at another school, ask if they will practice debate you. Hopefully your league is like mine, where all the schools are friendly with each other even though they're competition.
  24. are you SURE he can't go to camp? like, check wyoming http://outreach.uwyo.edu/conferences/forensics/2009/# , $700 for two weeks is kind of a steal. If not, I think email/lectures/etc only go so far. Does the kid have the drive to pursue all that? Some people love to read up on debate, watch rounds, etc...for a novice, that may not be the case. If he doesn't have the motivation to do all that on his own, make sure you engage him about what you're trying to get him to learn. When you send him a lecture, have him email you back feedback, questions. When you get back from camp, do a TON of practice debates with other teammates...that's the only way he'll really get better. But try not to wear him out...he'll need to learn to love debate before all that work will seem worthwhile and not tedious. Good luck!!
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