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  1. bandit


    Can't stay too mad with a Subway Melt in your mouth.
  2. bandit


    Does this mean what I think it means?
  3. bandit


    You all just wanted me to read this, go watch the round again, and then repeatedly pound my face into my coffee table. Congratulations on THAT, and the tournament showing.
  4. bandit

    Todd Reesing

    Oh Ben. I ate at China Palace tonight. It wasn't the same.
  5. Did I ever tell you about the time I went to the Oklahoma City Memorial thing?
  6. Oh me, oh my. Ben Reid's prolific return. We have to make a stop somewhere between "I'm fucking hungry" and "I think I want to be a terrorist." By the by, do you still have Curtis's book?
  7. Fake college... memories of China Palace are coming back to me now...
  8. You'd be surprised...
  9. For serious, who debates at Parkway West? Do they have a decent policy program?
  10. This is just one of the most fucked up districts in terms of what judges coaches will and will not allow in the back of the room. People get dicked, and it's not just the bracket... All in all, though, it seems like great preparation for the dicking that goes on at state... You didn't waste the weekend. Ice cream and Eminem cannot be considered a waste.
  11. I know... I'm just that way. Maybe I'll come to KC for a snuggle or two?
  12. bandit

    MSHSAA State

    Going back over this conversation, I think I remember that CT went 5-27 that year, 2 of those ballots going to Seneca as a forfeit.
  13. Kevin and I thought we had that shit wrapped up Junior year. Those plans went sour in quarters with some old ladies... I think BCam's predictions are on the money though this year. Carthage should be on the rampage. I'll be wasting a Saturday if they don't...
  14. You are just factually incorrect. Take it from the Latin student. Wo does not mean what you assert, and even if it did, the Latin word for man is vir. Woman was derived (from Old English) from wifman and Man from wæpman, which was actually gender neutral at the time. Your claim is historically and factually untrue. Your arguments also completely ignore grammar and its use in language and discourse. I'll wait for your post in a few hours, but I just wanted to point this out. Who told you that?
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