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  1. Ok, say I'm the 1NC and I am going to run a DA, K, T, and Theory. What would my roadmap look like?
  2. Are T and theory arguements considered on-case or off-case arguements?
  3. The Best Album is Shudder by Bayside Bayside pulled of yet another amazing album. They are amazing!
  4. http://www.paulnoll.com/China/Mao/I-oppose-book-worship.html This guy wrote out the pamphlet online, and then so you can look through it...but the actually piece you are looking for is on http://www.paulnoll.com/China/Mao/Mao-23-Investigation.html
  5. policybamf


    Re-tag all your evidence, in the most simplest form, no jargon, all everyday language...also, be prepared to spend a good amount of the 1NR explaining it
  6. policybamf


    So, I was looking through a framework file and I was just wondering if Switch-sides debate and policy debate are the same thing?
  7. So is it better to run Dispo or Condo, or does it not matter?
  8. I have been watching some Virtual Debates and I have a few questions? 1. What is Dispo? 2. What is Condo? 3. When they ask, what is the status of your CP or K, what do they mean? Thanks
  9. Read this article...it made me lol http://news.aol.com/elections/article/ron-paul-fans-gather-for-own-convention/154115 You gotta love Ron Paul!
  10. That was an AMAZING race...he is awesome.
  11. UPDATE Phelps did it again...now its six
  12. No, I don't think this will hurt the Aff, obviously these are not going to power all the US. As for the free market counterplan, well, the free market didn't really do this, the article said The solar power will be sold to Pacific Gas and Electric, which is under a state mandate to get 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2010. That's RPS, which is an incentive, so its not the free market. This could maybe be useful for States, showing that the States doing it is working.
  13. UPDATE!!! Phelps dominated the 200 fly...and now is the best Olympian EVER!!! He is amazing!
  14. UPDATE!!! Phelps got his third gold medal...what a BAMF!
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