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  1. does anyone know where i can get a link to the invite? or the contact information of the people in charge? i would really love to go, but i need to go as independent. nswtf - did you geta reply on if gong independent is allowed? berkeley was a bid tournament, and we went as independent there.
  2. how do you answer/refute politics?
  3. what is a laundry list?
  4. We don't even have a coach. Our varsity members aren't friendly. which purely sucks since we have no one to help us. so, we rely on each other.
  5. how to argue effects topicality or extra topicality? like... what do you say when you go up on your speeches & how do you win on them?
  6. thanks. is there more different types of topicality besides those i listed?
  7. i'm a confused with T. what is liek effects topicality, extra topicality, etc. is there a website i can go to to read about this; otherwise an explanation would be nice. Thank you. :]
  8. that's really weird. i cut this file at camp too. & the coaches said we can't use it.
  9. What's the whole deal with this aff? Someone was saying that it was out of the resolution.
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