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  1. Neutral Milk Hotel and mewithoutYou are my favorite.
  2. This would be fun, but links pretty bad to poverty reps
  3. It's scary that they can still vote. Someone should do something about that.
  4. Your argument seems pointless. Teams that don't impact their moral obligations/defend a framework in which morals come first generally tend to lose if that's their only advantage. However, there's is nothing wrong with making morality arguments as long as they win morality outweighs the negatives arguments. Teams that simply say "c/a morality to the disad" do lose, or at least should. Your rant seems to be against bad debaters rather than the arguments in the files.
  5. It's okay to read impact turns to an advantage that your cp solves for as long as you don't claim the cp solves better than the case.
  6. Depends...the campaign on COD is ridiculously amazing and beats halo soundly, but as someone who has played halo multiplayer since the first i prefer Halo in that respect. COD is still really amazing for that too though.
  7. Sorry, i thought companion cube just decided to be the sole judge. I can write one tomorrow.
  8. I'll judge-i'll vote on anything as long as it's well warranted. I default policymaker but can be persuaded to any f/w. Kritiks are cool just be able to explain how the alt solves and functions in the world, consequently i think alt can't solve arguments are pretty persuasive if run well. I appreciate a good theory debate and often go for them.
  9. kleb44

    UIL State

    Congrats to everyone who made it to state. I was surprised at the quality of some of the teams in out rounds. Octafinals and Finals were two of the most intense rounds i've ever experienced at a UIL tournament, great job Hallsville!
  10. Definitely did it last year, but too many changes this year.
  11. kleb44

    houston memorial

    Fucking school ran out of money.
  12. kleb44

    Cap is good

    I just felt i needed to comment because the title of this thread is so true.
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