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  1. Anyone have a packet and/or a list of the speaker awards?
  2. Anyone have the speaker award list?
  3. - GLICK 07 – (senior Middle East fellow, Center for Security Policy Caroline, 12/12/07, “Condi's African holiday”, http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/home.aspx?sid=56&categoryid=56&subcategoryid=90&newsid=11568) The Horn of Africa is a dangerous and strategically vital place. Small wars, which rage continuously, can easily escalate into big wars. Local conflicts have regional and global aspects. All of the conflicts in this tinderbox, which controls shipping lanes from the Indian Ocean into the Red Sea, can potentially give rise to regional, and indeed global conflagrations between competing regional actors and global powers.
  4. If anyone from there could post their 1ac cites on the wiki, or if someone who knows them could get those up, it would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone had their contact info, etc.
  5. Zak_Black

    Resolved (Movie)

    Eh, the download speed massively varies.. some times I get good speeds, sometimes it is insanely slow. Wheoever is seeding _right now_ is giving it to me at 400 kb/s + speed... massive thanks. (The previous max was 130 kb/s)
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    Resolved (Movie)

    Instead of complaining people. Seed.
  7. Zak_Black

    Resolved (Movie)

    Just. Seed. Please. Thanks
  8. Zak_Black

    Resolved (Movie)

    Please, please, seed. Thank you
  9. Why are all the full camps not up?
  10. Could someone from 7wk upload the docs, like synergy did for the SS lab?
  11. Is someone going to post northwestern and Umich?
  12. Was the man with the cane avenging the first victim? Was the man with the cane aware of the snake handlers plot? Did the snake handler expect someone else to be where the man with the cane was? Since they couldn't see eachother, were they blind? Or was it that they were in a separate room? If in a separate room... Did the snake travel underwater? Did the snake travel through the ventilation? Did the snake travel through extra space in the ceiling? Did the snake travel through a chimney? Did the snake travel through a tree? Did the snake travel downward from a rope? Did the snake travel through one of those things where you pull up food? Revised guess: The whistling man killed the first victim by whistling the snake to go into another room through one of the above methods, then it would bite the victim, and return. The caned man wanted to avenge the death or discover the means of death, so he went in the room, beat off the snake with the cane/fire, who returned through one of the above methods, and killed the whistler.
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