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  1. Any FL policy reams head to the TOC this year?
  2. Which Ft. Lauderdale team? I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about.
  3. Mr. Muppet

    Florida Debate

    What's up? Everyone ready for next year? Or did everyone who used to post graduate?
  4. Mr. Muppet

    Florida Debate

    Funny thing about that lie is that all the Florida teams qualled to the TOC have the legitimacy to not be so immature and negative on an online forum in response to a positive inquiry. Even the ones who weren't lucky enough to qual aren't as asinine as you . In all sincerity, good luck next year though.
  5. Just to help make the list more complete. Ft. Lauderdale BM has 4 bids. (4 out of 8) Alta Lexington MBA Harvard Ft. Lauderdale RW has 2 bids. (2 out of 2) Lexington Harvard
  6. True Story. GDI Scholars is bomb. The scholar's program is subsidized and you are able to take advantage of some of the greatest debate minds in the country. Sarah Holbrooke, coaches a phenomenal team at The University of West Georgia and is said to be one of the best judges in the country. Russel can teach you how to cut "evidence-cards" that say just about any and everything, as well as good rebuttals. Buntin is uncannily smart and knowledgeable when it comes to critical literature, and Mike B. is just awesome. His insight in terms of in round strategies is scary. Not to mention all the fun you have. Scholars is definitely a program I think you should try, the lab leaders prepare you not only for debate on the high school national circuit, but for college debate as well. Not to mention the plethora of amazing lectures you get at Gonzaga by the multiple other great lab leaders. I know I'll never forget the four weeks I spent in Spokane. Cost+Superb Instruction+Great People=Worth a shot.
  7. I'm Melvin and I attend Ft. Lauderdale High school. We are desperately looking for a judge or two for the Glenbrooks High school tournament (November 22-24). If you are interested please email me at Waderunner2@aol.com Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I'm not sure if this question is answered anywhere above (if so, my apologies) but when/where will the demo debate, final round, and other recorded things be posted? Or have they already been posted?
  9. I'm sure we all miss you too....except Varun
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