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  1. who are the two varsity teams
  2. ERC91

    NFLs Results

    i tried the link at the bottom of the page for quicktime the URL and it worked not very good pic but has pic and sound
  3. for u in what way will it be fun?
  4. at nationals they are the same as in every other competition. they just speak another lingo. dont get distracted by the way they debate. have the cases blocked out and know your case. be ready for anything. some rounds are fast and some are not so fast. have good solvency that you can extend. your speed is fine now but just have good cards so you dont have to read so fast. it all depends on the judge. the 1AR should be fast you have to cover.
  5. i think newcastle is going to have a novice team next year. darshan's little sister and her friend.
  6. i think our district has enough memberships and degrees to qualify 2 teams no matter what
  7. yep good debate and tourney congrats to east. we are counting on qualifying next year jared.
  8. there are going to be 11 teams at districts.
  9. wtf u play the game, its debate deal with it.
  10. just be prepared for anything. i don't think that we are going to know whats up with the teams from Gillette until it comes to the day of state unless someone posts it.
  11. aren't we guaranteed 2 teams no matter what?
  12. They are in our district but idk if they are still competing.
  13. ERC91

    Regional Caselist

    What is the new Gillette case? i think it was to create a joint task force? anyone who knows pm me. Is disaster surveillance still being run?
  14. are the Cheyenne teams for state the same for districts does anyone know the teams for Gillette for districts or state
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