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  1. 1) Where are those cards? 2) All of your solvency advocates are speaking in relation to the WFTPA which only required $125 million. Meaning unless your not operating under such legislation, those arbitrary numbers with 9 zeros behind them mean shit and we still gain full solvency w/ the status quo. 3) Smart teams would have abondoned the WFTPA and started to address another sector of water sanitation/assistance.
  2. I hope that was sarcasm. But sadly, I doubt it was. I leave you with a smiley:
  3. Other than existential inherency, what sort of inherency does this AFF have going for it? I mean really, show me some recent cards saying that the money spent isn't enough or that this is the last time we will and maybe everyone wll shut up. Structurally, there is no reason why the USfg wouldn't provide more money, nor any obstacle hindering them. And obviously any attidudes against giving money arent enough to prevent Congress from spending money on it as they already have. My point is this, where are your authors, post-Omnibus, that say the money appropriated is not enough, or that Congress is no longer interested in giving money.
  4. Idk his throw and catch to Tyree in the 4th was probably the best play of this century.
  5. (o)(o)

    Juno - Pro and Con

    How essentialist.....you pig. Nah, but really the music gave me a headache.
  6. This is immensely helpful, and yes thats the PIC i'm talking about. My problem is I have a regional advantage and I can easily see how a Negative team could just try to say that if a disease breaks out in SSA and moves to Northern Africa we would be powerless to act and could possibly re-infect the region.
  7. Anyone have answers to this or maybe a general strat other than PIC's bad. I'm preparing for a tourny and don't want to be blindsided by this argument. I was thinking maybe an Eygpt DA or some shit but I don't even know where to start. Btw I run Disease Surv
  8. I would look in a number of camp files (7 week, GDI, etc) for China CP's and Chinese Soft Power DA's. That should have the Aff cards your looking for. I've seen a number of turns about Chinse Influence/Soft Power = Genocide (Sudan), Small Arms/Child Soldiers, Corruption,etc. Then for links all you need is U.S.-Sino soft power zero-sum in the region or other tradeoffs.
  9. EPC- Errors per card sounds better. If they are struggling with pronouncing words they need to rethink debate and take up ESL.
  10. (o)(o)

    Realism Advantages

    Im not totally sure how one could claim an advantage off of revitalizing realism as its pretty much accepted that it's an unavoidable framework. Im sure thats not just what they claimed it had to be more in-depth, like maybe taking an offensive realist approach to dealing with China, but even then your not revitalizing anything. I really hope you didn't lose to them edit: not because your bad or anything but because it sounds like a crappy argument
  11. The DA is not intrinsic to the plan- 1) We would cut funding from somewhere else (paygo) or 2) Use their US key to world economy evi against them- Other countries would let us borrow money before they would let us tank
  12. Short Version 2 Non-U (I try to get seperate scenarios) 1 No-L 1-2 L-Turns 1- No-Impact Long Version 3 Non-U 1-Non-Intrinsic 1 No-L 2-3-L-Turns Case-O Str8 econ DA's are a laugh but specific Bizcon and FD DA's sometimes have a chance w/ good teams. Somethin' like Pharma Bizcon
  13. Don't be a douche. He probably has the shell and maybe some other cards but he's probably looking for the entire file. I haven't seen this exact DA but it sounds like a China poltix DA, the kind PD put out.
  14. Aid to SSA (mainly south africa) angers (US starts to play unfair) india and other key DOHA players. DOHA dies and no free trade:sob: I know what your thinking theres a LOT of evidence going the other way like how concessions helps the DOHA round but I got some key scenarios cocked, locked and ready to rock.
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