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  1. I remember hearing this card read a bunch at camp; it is indeed an awful card and spinning it to pre-empt a kritik can probably link you back to the kritik depending on the rhetoric you use to justify it; the second dark age claim is so absurd it's actually quite hilarious
  2. you could probably spin an american exceptionalism link out of that if you're looking for a more basic K to run. As for whether or not to run demo promo DA or whatever, I feel like running it as a K, provided you can articulate it reasonably well, really brings the debate of democracy promotion to a higher level; if you keep the traditional framework used to justify democracy promotion then the whoever is advocating the promo has an edge because of the rhetoric of most the cards - you can get past that with a K
  3. Foucault has said multiple times, most specifically in a throwdown against Chomsky, that imagining a post-criticism world is itself problematic until you have questioned every institution of modern society, or you run the risk of using the current problematic institutions you haven't examined in your alternative, leading to more problems. This can be quite powerful for the aff if the neg doesn't run the pure "question" alt, which is really the most effective alternative to any foucault-based K; e.g. security, enviro security, managerialism, or anything with a biopower impact
  4. i got my letter/acceptance thingy today, but no lab assignment? when do i find out?
  5. Is the Redhawk mostly geared towards younger debaters?
  6. Is the Redhawk geared primarily towards novices / younger debaters?
  7. Hey, does anyone know of some decent cards or articles that prove that investment in Africa doesn't constitute development. I've found that investment doesn't lead to development, but I'm looking for more of a kritik-y type thing, that doesn't completely butcher solvency.
  8. all standford links are down, anyone have a solid link?
  9. i know there are some random AT robinson cards out there, but does anyone have a decent block?
  10. I ran up against a vatican city CP for GGR, basically it was part of an EU CP. Said that vatican city should apologize for banning contraceptives, and everything would be happy. Other than the obvious perm, is there any legit aff evidence for this?
  11. Thats the idea we went for, but in the 1st round the judge said we were far too fast for him to understand. Next round, we just got crushed for time, because it ended up taking like 2 minutes. The happy compromise seems impossible.
  12. Any tips on how to convince judges to not totally hate this argument? I ran it last tournament, and the judges seemed to hate it nearly every round.
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