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  1. geekthroat@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. I'm tracking pairings and any results I can find on googledocs: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AggZ2u0k0YkRdFd4ckFObjRtdkRDR3dMckdBX1ZpLWc&hl=en
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    planet debate: Northwestern FS v. UTD BR Emory IW vs. Michigan State LW Wake CM vs. Mary Washington KS Wake CS v. Kentucky GG
  4. geekthroat


    1. NU FS v. 16. West Georgia 2. Michigan State v. 15. Kansas KQ 3. Missouri State v. 14. Wake CM 4. Wake CS v. 13. Emory GJ 5. Kentucky GG v. 12. Trinity BH 6. Mary Washington v. 11. Harvard JP 7. Emory IW v. 10. Georgia CL 8. Cal BJ v. 9. UTD which sets up 1. NU FS v. 9. UTD 2. Michigan State v. 7. Emory IW 14. Wake CM v. 6. Mary Washington 4. Wake CS v. 5. Kentucky GG While we're in intermission, let's look at the first-round bid recipients: California Brockaway/Jaswa Emory Inamullah/Weil Georgia Cambre/Lacy Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson Kansas Kennedy/Quigley Kansas Kennedy/Stone Mary Washington Kallmyer/Susko Michigan State Lanning/Wunderlich Missouri State Foley/Kearney Northwestern Fisher/Spies Oklahoma Giglio/Watts Texas-Dallas Baker/Rubaie Wake Forest Carlotti/Maza Wake Forest Crichton/Sears West Georgia Boykin/Schultz Whitman Cohn/Straus First-round bids seem to be a pretty good predictor of NDT success. 100% of these teams made it to outrounds, and 13 out of 16 made it to the octafinal round (the three who didn't are bolded above). Emory GJ, Kentucky GG, and Trinity BH are the only non-recipients to make their way to Octas.
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    any octas results yet?
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    UTD BR d. Baylor CM (4-1)
  7. a CP can be the alternative to a K in the same way an aff can claim kritikal advantages from defending a plan text.
  8. good riddance. i've never seen a funny episode.
  9. The South shall rise again.
  10. how many times can one person blink in a single minute? I think McCain is going for the record.
  11. There are a couple of camps I would like to get.
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    Pnw Casebook

    just use the main wiki. http://wiki.debatecoaches.org For serious.
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