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  1. No, there was 50 5-2s. The way the bracket is makes it look like there's only 33.
  2. What was the schedule for the skills session? About how many practice rounds a day? What did you do when you weren't debating?
  3. I know this is a very vague, general question, and may be impossible to answer without more specifics, but what are some tips to doing good impact calculus?
  4. sweet. This just has finals. Were any of the other outrounds recorded?
  5. I know there's tons of threads on this, and I've already tried searching. Its my understanding that the outrounds of the glenbrooks was recorded. Does anybody have a link to watch some rounds?
  6. Is that legal? I know debate is oppressive, but you still have to play fairly...
  7. Is there not supposed to citations? I'm curious because the authors are in the tags.
  8. Stupid, thats new this year. Before you only need 8 points.
  9. It's funny. you guys are upset cus my post didn't really help, but there's five consecutive posts after mine, that don't answer the question either... kinda funny.
  10. I'm prety sure that the argument you outlined above is a "no link" arg. A perm is a test of the link i.e. does the unique implication from the link to the K from the plan outweigh the case advs.
  11. on the topic of kinda pointless voters, can anyone explain what a "gate way issue" is, and why its a unique reason to reject untopical plans?
  12. How does the aff always lose? Consider this: What if people start running this arg more, and really start reasearching, and start thinking about it. you could potentially advocate your 1AC to be done in the past. When in the debate round, as you argue comp. interp, you hypothically debate about what would be more fair/ edu: past, or future tense. I don't really understand your counter factually analogy, can you clarify for me .
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