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  1. We went 7-5 in pre-lims and got a hard draw except for one face crush team. I'm not going to rant, but only say that I'm typing up my hitlist as we speak.
  2. Max and I definitely would not mind coming to the round robin.
  3. I'm definitely looking forward to debating in college. It does seem like a lot Missouri people are going there, but it is a very good debate program.
  4. I thought you were going back to policy next year, Will?
  5. I'm going to debate for Mo State as of right now.
  6. Liberty is sending: Gilmore/Pepper Gott/Babcock Ascarrunz/Wright Stander/Shamblin
  7. bluejaydb8er


    Well since I had lacrosse to go back to I could only go to the two week. I had Ozzy, Matt Schisler, and Carly Wunderlich. But people like Will Repko, Greta, and many other people floated around the labs. I really liked it.
  8. bluejaydb8er


    I definitely recommend going to SDI. You definitely cannot go wrong with Will Repko.
  9. Best 1A- Forrest Brown Best 2A- Will Pearson Best 1N- ??? Best 2N- Katie Fredrick Best Team- dont' know there are a lot of good teams Best LDer - Don't pay much attention to LD Best Negative Position- ptix, cp, fiscal Worst Negative Postion- Corruption/ CDC trade-off w/ PHHS Best Case of the Year- Disease Surviellance *Biggest 1AC mistake- Max reading our case out of order at Dowling Worst Case of the Year- Witches Ultimate Kritik- Have to go with Cap Counterplan of the Year- EU Best DA- Fiscal Discipline Worst DA- Corruption Best Card- Fox 98 Worst Card- Deutsch Fastest Debater- Don't know in Missouri never had a truly fast round where the person we were facing were really speeding Best Word Economy- don't know again there are several Best Spreaders- Haven't really had a chance to be spread yet in Missouri Best Speakers- Katie Most improved team- Forrest and Will Team that will likely become great- We'll see Best adapters- Greenwood Most likely to run Irony- Oak Park Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- I would like to hit some of the crazy positions, like Marshfields Donuts case Most likely to take off shirt- I don't know we're all pretty crazy Judge of the Year - Chris, from our first round at Parkview Panel of the year - Lee Summit- (we haven't had the best of luck) Ballot of the year (text) - At Parkview against Nixa B, "You guys lost it for me when you didn't answer inherency" Best Run Tourney- Parkview Worst Run Tourney- Chrisman Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- I wish I was at ours Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - Oak Park (thank god I wasn't there) Most interesting tourney moment - setting my timer for 8 minutes at Lee Summit and then having it run out and yelling "Are you Serious!" Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Tuckness definately Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Has to go to Central, we have seen them many times in out rounds lol Person who has contributed the most to the program- There's a lot of them * I'm letting you know now that this is based off of teams that we have hit, I'm sure Nick, Nixa, and Parkview are good as well we just haven't hit them this year. Also, if I were including Dowling this would look different.
  10. I know I was just curious, I already knew wat everyone else's cases were and I have not hit you before
  11. hey Ben, or Will, could you tell me what your case is bc I have no idea
  12. we're in gold division if that means anything to you .
  13. Max and I will definitely be at parkview.
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