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  1. Thank,I'm look towards next season rez
  2. How do you write performance/irony aff's? I want to know everything from the 1ac structure to the framework to common things to block for.
  3. Does anyone know if the consent forms are out?
  4. Sarah:Do you know who is teaching the juniors for 5 weeks
  5. Hopefully I get accepted again this year and Sarah do you know when the next round of acceptance letters go out
  6. I like this idea for aff next year, I"m trying to make sure I have the story right It's a critical aff that deals with a personal advocacy and what your ado vacating is having people meditate more to solve war,violence and fear of death. or something like that.Could someone explain the 1Ac structure to me
  7. SP 101

    cap aff

    Can I also get a copy the1debator@yahoo.com
  8. US resources key and Us moral obligation
  9. Can you please explain kato
  10. A FGM AFF with the advantages patriarchy and dehumanization Thus we offer the following Plan: The United States federal government should increase its public health assistance to resoultionally designated countries by unconditionally funding Tostan health and education programs to end infibulations. Fund and enforcement guaranteed through normal means.
  11. What are some of the best pre-empts to put in the 1AC? Could post cards?
  12. What would you run aganist the rwanda reparations aff ? Thus we offer the following plan: The USFG should substantially increase its pha to Rwanda by giving reparations to improve mental health care. Advantages Moral Obligation and PTSD
  13. SP 101

    Maine East

    Is there going to be a casebook for main east?
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