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  1. hey this is probably a virus

  2. codeoftheeast


    I expect some astounding grand crossfires
  3. this is the video i believe, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8394405698193174201 it was a link in some guys signature, i saw it too it's hilarious.
  4. sorry, when i referenced 5 week in my original post i meant the spots left for the classic plus
  5. so since I now cannot go to the 7 week camp, is the 5 week seniors lab filled?
  6. I think you guys left out best pen spinner
  7. how many people have applied to the seven week seniors?
  8. codeoftheeast


    I have and underground debate tub warehouse I run from my basement if your interested
  9. Has anyone seen the OneNote Application for Microsoft Office? It's sweet. I will say that I don't like that fact that Vista prompts you for verification to run any program or open a file. It gets annoying
  10. I'd like some invites, I've got some torrent experience and would like to help out in any way possible. I can help seed a lot of ev too bc I just got a new comp that I can leave on pretty much 24/7.
  11. hey i have JEDI 2 and 3 week if three ppl haven't already posted with it Ill try and PM you w/ my email but I haven't figured our PM quite yet
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