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  1. I also have a bunch of good caldwell cards, and would compile them into a Disad shell with card extensions if you want. Other than that, I don't think there is a comprehensive "file" that you are looking for.
  2. I would be careful reading malthus. You have to do a really good job for people to buy it. You also can't read hardly any other disads with it, because most of them say war will lead to death, death bad.
  3. So, I am having trouble with the small farms advantages from Food Stamps affirmatives. Does anyone else have a counterplan to solve this? It would be appreciated.
  4. Louisiana: Caddo Magnet HS: Keegan Batts/Some Novice Airline HS: Garrett Vande Kamp/Stephen Taylor
  5. So, this might not be a super critically-oriented post, but here it goes... I am trying to understand Barndt's argument on the impacts of racism from the commonly used 1991 card. Why does racism cause environmental destruction again? I do not understand. As a side note (and please don't move my thread for this) are there any authors who better explain why racism destroys the environment?
  6. Does anyone have any files relating to overconsumption? I believe some were read during the A.E. topic, but I can't find any.
  7. I have a pretty good Baudrillard file, email me and we can work things out. Specifically, I want to know what all K's you have blocked out. heyibobyo99@aim.com
  8. I am looking for some evidence that says when legislators create laws based on a certain mindset, that mindset leaks into public thinking and causes normal people to think differently about certain issues. Here is an example scenario from last year's high school topic: Government passes alternative energy subsidies, causes discussions by normal people, spurs a "greener" mindset for the public at large.
  9. My internal link scenario was a loss of biodiversity leads to less oxygen production. A useful impact to a variety of arguements, I suppose. The purpose of me making it was to answer species loss takeouts/turns by providing a specific scenario.
  10. Nope, no speed kritik hear. But great idea, though Thanks for finding the card, Dustin. Yet again, I owe you one. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me at all. That card just briefly talks about oxygen depletion, and then rambles about global warming mumbo jumbo. I guess I will just have to stick with Tatchell. FYI, I remember a novice of mine cutting an amazing card for the impact I am talking about right now, but it was for a crappy disad that he made. I told him there wasn't a good link scenario (which was true), so he threw it away. Shoot me in the foot!
  11. Thanks for your help, but does anyone have a copy of the Brandenburg 1999 card? I have searched my local library, my community college's library, and Google Books and still can't manage to find anything that doesn't have a price tag.
  12. Does anyone have an impact to global oxygen depletion? I am willing to trade a pretty good internal link story for it in return. Email me at heyibobyo99@aim.com
  13. I am going to have to agree, that evidence does not exist. There is a multitude of evidence that does suggest that containment policies/strong militaries/interventionist standpoints do cause backlash, terrorism, etc. However, if you read a Khalilizad/Ferguson/Kagan kind of impact to your heg advantage, then I doubt that a judge will buy that evidence not turning your hegemony advantage. Unless you had some specific evidence on economic dominance good (there was some from last year's alternative energy topic) that is independent from a normal hegemony/war internal link, then you aren't in luck. All of that evidence that you are possibly talking about, may, however, exist in the normal hegemony bad files. While softpower can be run indepently from hegemony, hard power cannot.
  14. Does anyone know that last time a Levinas Kritik was put out? I know DDI put out an affirmative of it this year, but it doesn't seem to have much in it as far as a negative kritik goes.
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