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  1. hey sorry about that i'll have a speech up very shortly, tomorrow afternoon at the latest. i'll send you the tags and cites of my cards manually, i have no idea how to do that thing on youtube
  2. Pshhh. How'd you find me?

  3. Lol not a lot of variety in these questions Do you defend an instrumental implementation of the plan by the United States federal government? How do you plan on administering DMT? Does it need to be synthesized in a lab or anything like that before usage? What exactly happens in the 5th dimension world? why and how is it different from the one we currently occupy? Is your argument that DMT just opens our minds enough where we no longer fight wars, or is it that we actually undergo a spatial shift into an actual new dimension?
  4. Do you defend an instrumental implementation of the plan? What is the impact of your argument? Why should the judge(s) vote for you? How are Jeremy and I supposed to negate you? how does posting "cards" from the onion allow you to access your kulynich evidence? I'll have follow ups after the answers to these EDIT: There is a portion of the Kulynich evidence omitted. please post the full body of text.
  5. its a shock, i know, especially after all the tournaments we attended in-state.
  6. i can tell you whos NOT going. us lol
  7. This is the biggest factor for our school at least. I think that hampering schools ability to travel hurts kids' ability to learn how to debate since they just aren't debating the best teams in the nation at top tier tournaments. I'm currently waiting to hear from MSHSAA if i've debated my last round in high school or not
  8. wow if anyone tried to pull most of this bullshit against me (stealing aff, giving self extra 30 seconds of speech time, "accidentally" stopping timer during speech, steal my flow, etc) i would call you on it the INSTANT i found out. a lot of this behavior warrants a loss, 0 speaks, and a conversation with the coach of the team doing it. its just fucking ethics, people
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