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  1. Maybe cause bigger districts mean more ppl qual
  2. I'll judge I vote on any thing but take me where you want to go I will follow any where T to K. Really um I won't drop anything till you do... lol P.S. love tricky stuff
  3. cost and date with the posts plz we are trying to keep it under a 1000 like Montypython said
  4. Hey there I was wondering what a good two week camp is that is low cost and not to far from wyoming. We would like about three options to send our debaters to. Most of us went to WFI but that is closed this summer. So what camps should we go to.
  5. scribd.com you can upload for free with a free account its very nice
  6. ewok

    Common DAs

    Middle east back lash
  7. How about for some one living in Wyoming As we all know WFI has closed this summer and I would really like to go to a decent camp for cheap. The closer the better
  8. ewok


    Nasty, thats just wrong
  9. good point I will tell the novices and thank you for your help!
  10. I live in wyoming everyone votes on stock issues and small rules
  11. Well it made sense to me
  12. Some of our schools novices made this theory arg. "You have no inherent barrier because of fiat" They said that their inherent barrier was that plan was unpopular so it wouldn't pass. It makes sense but is so unorthodox.
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