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  1. Looking for an interested college student that has spare time to be able to assist and judge/travel with Lafayette high school in Louisiana. Email me if interested Nickrosz@gmail.com
  2. i think the best aff case this year was the one LHS read in finals of their state tournament Space based solar power to Uranus
  3. i need the files put out by richmond debate camp PM me if oyu want something in return thanks
  4. i think in order to beat this case you should read some evidence arguing that algae cant provide enough energy to supplement enough of our oil dependence and that when planes fly at high altitudes the fuel becomes frozen.
  5. i think you need to make some sort of answer as to why multiple conditional positions are good i.e. key to negative flex due to 2ac clarifications, or aff dont be a sissy we are only going to go for one of these positions and read 20 conditional positions they are awesome!!!!
  6. Svrey, im looking for the theory in your 2ac where is it specifically my decision shall be in tomorrow midday
  7. hey i need the china mpx card form last year saying a war with china is good because in a few years we wont be able to beat them
  8. need the generic kritik answers from ddi 2004 thanks
  9. i can judge. i'll vote on anything basically sign my ballot for me. if your going for T or a procedural go for just five minutes in your last speech. also i enjoy really in depth comparisons of evidence debate. last thing i dont want to do your evidence comparisons!!!
  10. i say go for the impact and turn and your internal link cards are usually pretty bad
  11. im looking for a recent nye article in the past year talking about what our next president will have to do. it talks about energy and the environment. thanks
  12. i heard two positions on high oil prices. 1. they see it as a hypocrisy for us to ask them to increase oil production when we arent. 2. OIl market has people who artificially increases prices and creates supply scares
  13. what kind of solar aff? I have a huge solar neg file if you want to trade?
  14. what NB couldnt you claim ?
  15. we hit that at ncfls the link cards are really bad da never proves that the plan will suddenly change the status of our relationship to a point where the impact happens
  16. what do you have? i have some case positions, 2 da's: land and energy research, and im working on two big at files: 1. energy independence (60 pages) and 2. gw isnt caused by x, isnt man made, is resilient stuff like that
  17. hey i have cut some new positions if anyone wants to trade hit me up
  18. i dont think its going to work on the basis it assumes that they have to help for supposed damage. it also assumes that we need to help them when they arent doing well
  19. if you guys want to work on this aff let me know through pm and ill set up a group
  20. can you post a link? http://spacesolarpower.wordpress.com/2007/09/01/why-is-the-dod-interested-in-this-security-at-all-levels/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7131617.stm http://www.nss.org/settlement/ssp/library/final-sbsp-interim-assessment-release-01.pdf
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