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  1. Wait... you and Dylan break up or something?
  2. On a random sidenote... I've got TON of Economist/Time/Newsweek issues laying around my house piling up. If anyone would like them, just let me know.
  3. I have a friend that is going to college in Sioux City, but would still love to judge once in a while. Does anyone know if there are any high school debate teams there?
  4. Just wondering, which Fremont team was it ?
  5. I'm working on a paper for college that equates to the US is loosing its prominence as a hegemony... would anyone be interested in the final product or the parts I "cut" for evidence to use in my paper?
  6. here's a situation I have a feeling most debaters can either find funny or relate with. Last year I went out with this male debater and it ended in flames. This year at state my boyfriend,(whose also a debater) wanted to see a semifinals round and dragged me along with him. The round we went to watch ended up being my ex that it ended horribly with and his partner vs. another team. My boyfriend then walked into the room to watch and I was behind him. My ex, gave me a dirty look and my boyfriend an odd look. My boyfriend... the whole time was really confused. After the round my boyfriend and ex spent like 15 minutes talking about the round and stuff and I had to pretend to be distracted with texting people. Then after my boyfriend and I left he wouldn't stop asking me what just happened. Awkward and uncomfortable much.
  7. Ha, Ha, Ha... you already pulled that one.
  8. Just curious does anyone know if the Tourney schedule will pretty much be the same as last year? I would really like to find a team to judge for but it would be best if I judged LD or PF because I know nothing about policy. If anyone was interested let me know... please?
  9. I really don't want to get flamed for posting the lyrics but... The Whisper Song by The Ying Yang Twins.
  10. I was wondering if anyone could help me get ahold of this: Man Against Himself by Carl Menninger It would be soo amazing if anyone help me with this.
  11. I have to say, it doesn't really shock me that all this happens... if they can use the excuses that : Guantanamo isn't on US soil so the government can do what they please to their detainees,that the countries where their detainees origionate don't follow the Geneva accord so the US doesn't have to, and that these are matters of national security. What will stop them from doing anything they want in the plain sight of everybody? There's definately been some major war crimes since September 11th. It seems the new president will definately have to take some sort of stance on this.
  12. Thanks everyone for their suggestions, I really appreciated them and lightly looked into all of them but I think I'm going with either Bataille or Foucault.
  13. For one of my college classes I'm taking this summer I'm supposed to take a person and apply different personality theories and analyze them, but first I have to read an autobiography/biography about them. I don't want somebody whose either (a) serial killer ( has multiple personalities or ©schizophernia... after weeding those people out are there any individuals who have interesting lives that you'd reccomend? I was kinda leaning towards philosophers/famous people in history if thats any help whatsoever.
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