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  1. Pinky02


    Science fiction 101: You need a character who has no idea what is going so people can explain to that character and the audience what is going on. Pretty vital in a movie that has so many layers of complexity like Inception. So Page's character was necessary. Whether or not her just intuitively knowing Leo was full of shit most of the time served as a good enough explanation for the dark secret stuff is up for debate.
  2. Lakers still win three in a row. Except this time people will actually not mind, because at least it won't be Miami.
  3. Pinky02

    NBA Playoffs

    I want to see more stuff like this on these boards leading up to Thursday, well done.
  4. Pinky02

    NBA Playoffs

    I am really interested to see this Boston-Orlando series play out. Lots of X's and O's and potential for an epic chess game between Van Gundy and Rivers. The other series is less interesting, all the regular season games were pretty boring. Granted this is the conference finals and the Suns are playing amazing since the All-Start break so it should also be quite the series. Predictions: Lakers in 6 Orlando in 7
  5. Westminster is locked aff versus Kinkaid Westminster read their same economic leadership advantage to their safety net aff. They changed the plan mechanism to indivdual bank account something or other. Functionally when poor people start bank accounts or something the federal government will match the amount of the initial deposit. Bronx went for States and financial reform.
  6. This is purely curiosity, but how much of this card do you actually read in the round when you read it as the impact to your DA, add-on or what have you? If you reply please post the words out of the card you read in sentence form, or a copy of the card that signifies what you read. Thanks. Here is the card in question for reference: US leadership solves nuclear war Khalilzad 95 Defense Analyst at RAND, (Zalmay, “Losing the Moment? The United States and the World After the Cold War” The Washington Quarterly, RETHINKING GRAND STRATEGY; Vol. 18, No. 2; Pg. 84) Under the third option, the United States would seek to retain global leadership and to preclude the rise of a global rival or a return to multipolarity for the indefinite future. On balance, this is the best long-term guiding principle and vision. Such a vision is desirable not as an end in itself, but because a world in which the United States exercises leadership would have tremendous advantages. First, the global environment would be more open and more receptive to American values -- democracy, free markets, and the rule of law. Second, such a world would have a better chance of dealing cooperatively with the world's major problems, such as nuclear proliferation, threats of regional hegemony by renegade states, and low-level conflicts. Finally, U.S. leadership would help preclude the rise of another hostile global rival, enabling the United States and the world to avoid another global cold or hot war and all the attendant dangers, including a global nuclear exchange. U.S. leadership would therefore be more conducive to global stability than a bipolar or a multipolar balance of power system.
  7. A school can get 3 teams to the NDT by qualifying two through districts and one through the second round bid process. I know this to be true because on the Agriculture topic Georgia CS and BL qualified through districts and Georgia HW got a second round bid. I don't know for sure if a school can get multiple second round bids, but that could be another possibility.
  8. This might be the worst thing you can do for your credibility.
  9. Kagan, Thayer, Ferguson, etc. would seem to all provide reasons why US hegemony is in everyone's best interest.
  10. Jerryd Bayless is good. I've thought that for a while and wondered why Portland seemed to hate using him. He is a score first PG, but he is a decent passer, seems like the perfect bench guy. Over the summer I thought Chicago was really smart for targetting him because he would have been a good fit. His monster game versus Spurs is just the beginning I bet. I am glad Bayless will get extended time to show what he can do because this guy should be eating minutes somewhere.
  11. Sounds like you are looking for answer to K's of language, here are some citations to help get the ball rolling: foucault studies Their reductions of oppression to passive utterances obfuscates the material of people’s lives-trades off with real politics. Brown, political science professor UC Berkeley, 2001 (Wendy, “Politics Out of History” pg 30, ldg) But moralistic reproaches to certain kinds AND and names. Don’t mourn, moralize. Attempts to control speech betrays political for moralism-precludes informed discussions about terms. Brown, political science professor UC Berkeley, 2001 (Wendy, “Politics Out of History” pg 35, ldg) “Speech codes kill critique,” Henry Louis AND historically specific social powers. Linguistic change strategies fail-offending terms will be replaced by ones that seem benign but used the same way. Zizek, senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology, 1999 (Slavoj, “The Ticklish Subject” pg 253-254, ldg) Take politically correct probing AND this very act of inflicting wounds on himself. Suppressing language does not suppress concepts – other words will develop that mirror these abuses Bewes, Associate Professor of English at Brown, 1997 (Timothy, “Cynicism and postmodernity”, pg 48, ldg) In this light, to begin to AND the same catachrestic abuses. Turn-the refusal to turn dominant language against itself is politically paralyzing-precludes critical interrogation Butler, rhetoric professor UC Berkeley, 1997 (Judith, “Excitable Speech”, pg 162, ldg) Such dogmatism appears as well AND we keep in question. Turn—quibbling over undecidable language choices diverts use from real issues and blocks social change. Churchill, former professor ethnic studies University of Colorado, 1996 (Ward, “Semantic Masturbation on the Left,” From A Native Son, p 460, ldg) There can be little doubt that matters AND of effecting positive social change. Turn – The kritik fails and drives discourse underground – censorship does not change attitudes, causing a shift to the private sphere where linguistic and physical violence become inevitable Gay, Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston College, 1998 (William, “The Practice of Linguistic Nonviolence.” Peace Review 10, n4 (1998): 545-547., ldg) The pacific discourse that is analogous to AND violence and physical violence.
  12. I am very surprised by how solid these two resolutions look. I think either one would produce a good year of debates. China is always a topic of conversation, but until you have an entire year centered around something you haven't done it justice. However, it was debated in college in the not too distant past (although I am not entirely sure that is a bad thing), so it might cause some stale debates when camps just rehash all those ideas. I really like military deployment, it is nothing like the topics in high school or college recently and you will still get to talk about China in an intricate way. Gut feeling tells me that managing that topic on the neg would be a little rough. Turkey/Iraq and Kuwait/Afghanistan/Japan and South Korea are all in very different regions and being able to tackle the ins and outs of the Caucuses, Middle East, Central Asia and East Asia may prove difficult.
  13. Why get excited for something that is 2.5 years away. That's right, I went there anyway.
  14. Pinky02

    NBA 09-10

    Spurs kicked the crap out of the Hornets, a force to be reckoned with indeed.
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