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  1. So what are the results out of State Quals districts?
  2. What, a CO tourney thread?!?!? I thought you kids had all taken up PF... Results: 1. GW Tran/Kernan 2. Creek Henthorn/Moore 3. FoCo Ingraham/Bolshevik 4. Creek Herbst/Schuze 5. Creek Clark/Ribovich 6. Somewhere Someone/Somebody Finals: Creek HM (Neg) d. FC IB (Nelsen, Camous, Moosajee*) GW TK d. Creek HS Twas good to see all the oldies and newbies. I wish I weren't leaving early, so I could judge Golden/Mullen.
  3. I feel stalked. But indeed, we did lose on a 2-1 to go down and out. Congrats to CheyEast and Sam & Miles. I'm not surprised we saw so many mountain region teams break; I'm actually surprised we didn't see more break (East ZW, Creek Pandy). Mad props to Patrick and Andy for debating--LIKE A BOSS--in the most absurd draw ever--4 of the prelims teams they hit broke, and they also hit GBN, who didn't break. Also, huge congrats to Dani Camous from St. Mary's for getting the NFL Student of the Year Award after the interview process. Basically, the NFL considers the 2500 students at Nationals and gives the award to the nicest person. Needless to say, they chose correctly. And finally, no one can congratulate Stephen enough on taking 4th in the nation. He was the last undefeated remaining, and he was one squirrely judge from beating the eventual national champion in the round before semis.
  4. Congrats Taylor, Jacob! Real glad you guys ended up competing after changing your minds a dozen times. And congrats to Sam and Miles! I can't believe it was only last year I watched you guys compete during novice season.
  5. esquiar

    Colorado Grande

    so............. results?
  6. esquiar

    College 09

    Taylor: That's too bad about Pomona. I hope they pull you off the waitinglist! And also, out of curiosity, why IU? I did a lot of early apps... Accepted: Harvey Mudd (ED) Notre Dame CO School of Mines CU Boulder Deferred: MIT (I withdrew once I found out about Mudd, so I'll never know...) I'll be going to Mudd. Thank god for ED (saved me from writing 7 or 8 essays ! Claremont only has a parli team, but I'll be doing engineering, so I doubt I'll have time for it.
  7. 1. Best Varsity Team- Kent DS 2. Best Novice team- Kent... novi 3. Most Underrated debater: Dani Camous & Mary Rassenfass 4. Best Squad- Creek 5. Best Affirmative Team- East ZW & Creek GO 6. Best 1A- Tyler Rackley 7. Best 2A- Jacob Zax 8. Best Negative Team- those GBN kids who rocked our shit at Berkeley 9. Best 1N- we don't do shit except reading shells, so who cares? 10. Best 2N- Patrick O'Brien 11. Prettiest Speaker- Dani Camous 12. Fastest Debater- Mayu Takeda 13. Most likely to do well next year- Kent KM 14. Person most likely to graduate and judge- you ALL better judge next year! 15. Best Judge- either Bernhardt / Sarah Varney <3 16. Coach of the year- all of them that support CX 17. Best K debater- Patrick O'Brien 18. Best Counterplan debater- hardly anyone ran CPs against us... 19. Best T debater – Greos 20. Best partnership: Creek LT 21. Most Untopical case: Everything that Taylor and Jacob ran 22. Best negative position: WTO! I don't care if it's non-unique. 23. Funniest off case position you saw: Heidegger / Plan Txt Theory 24. Favorite tourney: Winter Wonder 25. Least favorite tourney: Overland Candlelight 26. Scariest Debater: Max Wood 27. Funniest Debater/Coach/Judge: Nameir Abbas
  8. Actually, Ft. Collins beat Moffat in Partial Octas. Kent KM byed to quarters. The rest of the results: Quarters: Creek Takeda/Li d. GW Czufin/Bierrman Creek Greos/O'Brien d. GW Owen/Clark Creek Hilger/Rackley d. FoCo Jaysumana/Ingraham East Zax/Want d. Kent Kamel/Miller Semis: Creek GO (Aff) d. Creek TL East ZW (Aff) d. Creek HR (2-1) Finals: Creek GO (Neg) d. East ZW (2-1) on T Great tourney everyone! I had a great time, especially debating Taylor and Jacob in Semis.
  9. 6 qualifers! How many teams competed? And congrats to all the qualifiers! That means between the metro area and the Western Slope, we have 16 confirmed qualifiers for state. Does anyone know what happened up north in the FoCo & Greeley area?
  10. Qualifiers: Region II: Creek GO (4-0) Creek HR (4-0) Creek LT (3-1) Kent KM (3-1) Region III: Eaglecrest (?) Thanks to everyone who came out and judged! Even though we didn't have flow judges every round, it was a huge relief that none of our judges came in and asked what the speech times were.
  11. esquiar


    No one ever bothered to do a Chap thread, so I'll post this here: I heard finals is Kent Miller/Rassenfoss vs. Littleton Jacob/Merrick. Congrats all! How was DPS? Was there an epic Zax/Want v Li/Takeda showdown?
  12. esquiar


    We'll be sending 3: Li/Takeda Gyro/Potato Hilger/Rackley
  13. esquiar


    If by "and some more," you mean "no one else," that would be correct.
  14. Who all's going to the Cherry Tree Chop? Creek will have 4 or so teams out. If you're interested in judging, here's the formal invite: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! Hope you are doing well and that you enjoyed the holidays! We would like to invite you to judge at the Third Annual Cherry Tree Chop Tournament at George Washington High School on January 17, 2009 hosted by George Washington High School and Cherry Creek High School. Events: We will be offering competition in Duo Interp, National Extemporaneous Speaking, International Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Drama, Humor, Poetry, CX Debate, LD Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Student Congress. Judge Check-In: We would love to have judges check in at 7:30 am on Saturday. We will begin the first round of competition on Saturday at 8:00am. Come when you can for as long as you can! Scheduling: All events will have three preliminary rounds followed by Finals. Finals are scheduled for 4pm and Awards are scheduled for 6pm. Site: The tournament is being held at George Washington High School, 655 S. Monaco Parkway, Denver, CO 80224. Food: Lots of great food and munchies will be provided throughout the tournament! Pay: Judges will be paid $8 per round. Questions and Concerns: Please feel free to contact Marti Benham at Cherry Creek High School, 720-554-2216 (school), mbenham@cherrycreekschools.org You may also contact Maryrose Kohan at George Washington High School maryrose_kohan@dpsk12.org If you are able to join us and judge at this tournament, please drop us an email so we may plan accordingly. Please let me know when you are available and what events you judge. Come judge when you can for as long as you can! Feel free to forward this email to others that may be interested in judging! Thanks in advance for your help in making the Cherry Tree Chop a fantastic competition for students!
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