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  1. Sure, it's called OSPEC, "The" is a mass noun, must defend whole USFG passage
  2. Ball/Cunningham v. Bagley/Donaghy in finals should be good...
  3. Octafinals Bagley/Donaghy v. Pilkington/Mendoza Broughton/Wingham v. Miller/Decker Cue/Sadagopal v. Patel Marcoux Cull/Templeton v. Ball/Cunningham Jones/Strachan v. Hanson/Pina Rodrigo/Quinn v. Swick/Stoker Sun/Bonilla v. Garcia/Miller Wilbur/Braun v. Jayant/Yau
  4. The article says that this is fueling rumors that she is going to make a run for the white house, but I don't see how being out of the executive for 3 years will help that. She is probably just tired of the media attention, and wants some personal time.
  5. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=a_0vTv_Vz92c It's about time...
  6. There is some pretty sweet ev on democracy in the middle east being responsible for the rise of more terrorist regimes, but honestly, it is the losing side of a debate. Most of the good impacts against democracy are only based on democracy promotion...
  7. That is literally "decrease social services, then put them at the same level". You are not increasing from the status quo, just moving funding around. Also, good luck finding solvency cards for this aff.
  8. it will probably be delayed 6 years till the next election. but that seems like too quick of a solution.
  9. that seems to be the end result of most cross-x forums recently. Just saying...
  10. Zelda+Phillips CDI=Bad Memories Sorry Link....
  11. We have concidered branching out into PF, but no one here knows much about it. Are there any good online sources for it? Also, I'm not sure how our school would feel about us doing a form of debate that is not incorporated into UIL. They barely know that we went to TFA/TOC tournaments.
  12. Great ideas. I know that a lot of the teachers and faculty are behind the team, and I think that some parents would be angry to hear about our story. I think I will call the paper next week and ask them to cover the issue. The only problem that I can see is their coverage of us hasn't been very, um, flattering. Our state run got a headline, and then the article was all about the preparation for the district tournament the next week.
  13. Joshua has 2 indian/asian kids, and they are seventh day adventists, no debate. (though David Chi is generally amazing) Also, unfortunately, our school isn't really big on large public recruiting. We do put up flyers, there are announcements all the time. There is (limited) success, but debate isn't what they expected. It's a new language, logic, and public speaking with huge F'in nuclear wars. Also, most of the kids we get in our debate "class" are only there because of there parents, and it usually ends with resentment for the entire idea of debate. We are trying to get more 8th grade involvement, and we are going to our middle school next week to recruit. Not sure how much my complaints will matter next year, being a college student, but I know that my partner will be pissed when he finds out and will either a. bitch all of the time or b. get frustrated and give up on debate. Hopefully he can get some momentum started next year, and I will make sure that the issue does not go away. He got like a zillion UIL points his senior year, and we won district for the first time in school history. Like I said, he is amazing.
  14. I have the book, and some documentaries, maybe that can help. We have done that a few times this year, I know that a lot of the parents have had problems with that (I won't be there next year, so my parents, who did it this year, are out). Actually having a budget could probably help in that front though...
  15. I wish that we could host a tournament. Unfortunately, our UIL coordinator feels that she would have to be too personally involved/have to do too much work. Our fundraising is pretty much limited to what we students can come up with and get approved (approval is harder than it sounds.) Yeah, we have been known to be the last team to show up on more than one occasion. However, most of the tournaments in our area are closer to Dallas, and that is a good hour drive, at least. Also, our coach is the worst navigator that I have ever met and his GPS got stolen (and he cannot afford another one). That is actually our biggest problem, student interest. Unfortunately, without complaining too much about my school, Joshua, TX suffers from a huge ammount of brain drain, and there are not many students that are a. smart enough to compete effectively (I had to explain to some people that there is a war in Iraq, Iran is not a city there, and that Africa is not the biggest country in the world, and that is not unrepresentative of the majority). Even at its biggest, the team was only about 12 people, and one of them was Ryan Blodgett, which our principal refuses to forget/let us forget.(though he is freaking amazing) I'm not saying there is no one, but most quality people are either committed to other activities that they are more familiar with/interested in, or they are too lazy/dont like the idea of the ammount of effort it takes to learn debate.
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