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  1. Hi-dig-air

    Idaho debate

    Does Moscow High School have a debate program?
  2. sweet, its a humyn trafficking aff 1ac advantages are Disease Spread and Dehumynization. Im finishing up the 1AC today then Ill have it up.
  3. looking to go aff on either the China topic or an Oceans throwback round.
  4. Zupancic's doubling K works well. It is a deferral strategy...
  5. why doesnt anyone read 1st priority against antiblackness?
  6. So about kckcc... just picked up octafinals on a 4-1.
  7. KCKCC is going to make a strong run
  8. Qualifying round LP (a) d. LSC (a) (3-0?) Blue Springs (a) d. Belton (a) (2-1) LSW d. BSS (?) 1st-Lincoln Prep A 2nd-Blue Springs A 3rd-LSW 4th-Blue Springs South A Tied for 5th- Belton A Lees Summit Christian Academy Congrats and goodluck to all of our national qualifiers.
  9. I would agree... however Im not sure how much good it is going to do given a lot of teams are probably going to break new for districts and generally you dont have to disclose an unbroken aff or neg strategy.
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