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  1. Sahil Goswami Emory University 2014 Debating!
  2. The Furry

    NY States

    It has to be somewhere. They're not THAT bad.
  3. I've done policy for 4 years at Stuyvesant High School in New York and will be attending Emory University next year. I will be available for coaching/judging on the Atlanta circuit. If interested, I can be contacted at sgoswami92 [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Thanks.
  4. The Furry

    NY States

    results packet anyone?
  5. The Furry

    NY States

    And who's coming from Lakeland Jaime?
  6. The Furry


    February 13-15. > 120 teams registered Varsity. > 100 teams registered JV Who's coming?
  7. yup. despite the snow coming in (yes!), the tourney is still ready to go. see y'all tomorrow.
  8. Anyone else coming? Lakeland? Other UDL teams? Evan, you better be there.
  9. The Furry

    Big Lex

    Its from 01/15-01/18. Who's going? Current Team List (combined PoFo, Policy and LD) A.L. Johnson (NJ) Acton-Boxborough (MA) The Altamont School (AL) Baccalaureate School for Global Ed. (NY) Baltimore Talent Development High (MD) Bishop Guertin (NH) Brewster Academy (NH) Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice (NY) Bronx Science (NY) Brooklyn Technical (NY) Byram Hills (NY) Calhoun High School (GA) Cathedral Prep School (PA) Chaminade (NY) Chattahoochee High School (GA) Edgemont HS (NY) Ft Lauderdale (FL) Great Neck South (NY) Greenhill School (Tx) Hendrick Hudson (NY) Hunter College (NY) J.M. Barrack Hebrew Academy (PA) Kinkaid School (TX) Lincoln-Sudbury (MA) Littleton High School (CO) Manchester Essex (MA) Marianapolis Preparatory School (CT) Memorial High School (TX) Menlo-Atherton (CA) Montgomery Bell Academy (TN) NFA (NY) Nashua High School North (NH) Needham (MA) Newark Science (NJ) Niskayuna (NY) Otter Valley Union High School (VT) Perkiomen Valley (PA) Poly Prep (NY) Randolph (NJ) Regis (NY) Ridge (NJ) Sacred Heart (MA) Scarsdale (NY) Sharon (MA) Silver Lake (MA) Stuyvesant (NY) Tampa Prep (FL) The Beacon School (NY) The Potomac School (VA) Thomas Jefferson High School For Science and Technology (VA) University (NJ) Westford Academy (MA) Whippany Park (NJ) William Allen High School (PA) Woodward Academy (GA)
  10. CFL this Saturday. Who's going?
  11. Congrats to both teams, though that would've been a really good final round.
  12. SEMIS Stuyvesant GK vs Bronx Science MR NFA BS vs Edgemont MX
  13. Partial Octas (36 teams in the field) Bronx Science KL vs University TB Monticello AB vs. NFA CM Monticello BB vs. Newark Science MP University KD vs. Edgemont KS Bronx Science advances without debating. Edgemont MX advances without debating. NFA BS advances without debating. Stuyvesant GK advances without debating.
  14. everything. updated list. A.L. Johnson (NJ) American History High School (NJ) Bishop Guertin (NH) Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice (NY) Bronx Science (NY) Byram Hills (NY) Carpe Diem (NJ) Chaminade (NY) Delbarton School (NJ) Edgemont HS (NY) Essex Tech- Newark (NJ) Freehold Township (NJ) Harrison High School (NY) Hendrick Hudson (NY) Hun School (NJ) Hunter College (NY) J.M. Barrack Hebrew Academy (PA) Kempsville (VA) Lake Braddock SS (Va) Lakeland (NY) Livingston High School (NJ) Manchester Essex (MA) Manhattan Center for Science and Math (NY) Millburn (NJ) Montclair Kimberley Academy (NJ) Monticello (NY) Montville (NJ) NFA (NY) Nashua High School North (NH) Newark East Side (NJ) Newark Science (NJ) Phillipsburg (NJ) Potomac Senior (VA) Randolph (NJ) Regis (NY) Ridge (NJ) Scarsdale (NY) Stuyvesant (NY) Technology High School (NJ) The Beacon School (NY) Timothy Christian (NJ) University (NJ) West Side High (NJ) Weston (MA) Whippany Park (NJ) newark tech (nj) Bump.
  15. The Furry


    someone please post a results packet.
  16. The Furry


    lol. It would be fun to see the Bapodra's debating again. or the Neils.
  17. The Furry


    haha. bump. 5 days.
  18. so far--- Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice (NY) Bronx Science (NY) Byram Hills (NY) Chaminade (NY) Harrison High School (NY) Hendrick Hudson (NY) Hunter College (NY) Kempsville (VA) Lake Braddock SS (Va) Manchester Essex (MA) Monticello (NY) Montville (NJ) Potomac Senior (VA) Randolph (NJ) Regis (NY) Ridge (NJ) Stuyvesant (NY) The Beacon School (NY) West Side High (NJ) Whippany Park (NJ)
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