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  1. here is a mini break down 1. win that K turns case 2. K solves case 3. aff doesn't solve case because of their method etc 4. win some form of external impact you usually need 2 of those 4 the K impact question its not simple as the K impact come first but rather the warrants behind why their impacts come first. if they can win something like root cause claim or that the loss of v2l is worse then extinction your extinction impacts usually lose. for further K weighing tricks look above. the perm question i find that perm - perm: do P and all non mutually exclusive parts of the alt to be kind of silly. at the end of the day what does that even mean? if i win a link argument this means the K alt is 100% mutually exclusive with the plan. even if you reject "other instances" by not rejecting this one instance you still kind of link to the K. also by rejecting every other instances your kind of intrinsic and chances are you most likely won't win that permutation is legit. p.s no such thing as pre-fiat you use fiat to describe your impacts
  2. international counter plans on this topic i.e china withdraw troops from X area is silly and does not solve the aff. consult and condition counter plans will be pretty big next year as countries like japan russia, and china will actually give a damn when we have reduce military movements. on the topic of generic things to run in front of lay judges. case + disad is always an excellent option. a big japan disad and a big iran disad could do wonders on this topic
  3. it happens...my partner was 5th speaker and i was 40thish ..i just dragged by team down
  4. ill judge competing interp. will vote on anything, will default to body count absent an alternative way to frame the debate. tend to default neg on theory but aff can win.
  5. turn

    Education Bad

    if education is bad..why do you debate..why do you cut cards? why do you prep out neg strats? to win perhaps? even so..you are still learning when you cut your affirmative or when you research neg strats. also what if neg go for another impact to topicality such as fairness? The link between education and no value to life is rather silly. if your only impact is value to life the perfect neg strat is adv c/p + net ben of some sort. also this aff will lead to a massive amount of impact turns.
  6. there are couple of problems here. terrible disad story your argument currently is nicaragua is in bad shape plan makes it worse..nicaragua's influence is bad. first of all there is no uniqueness/brink to this disad. 2nd of all your impact scenario does not make sense with your current link story. if plan hurts nicaragua and nicaragua's influence is bad...so does that not make the disad an add on? maybe your trying to say plan hurts the gov there and that destabilizing nicaragua is bad for the region you could just make the disad this way uq nic bad shape now link- plan helps it impact nicaragua bad
  7. not an opener but a classic "I'm tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"
  8. hydrogen cars Iraq reconstruction in Iraq ps3 grizzlies signing A.I Jay Cutler leaving Denver that gag rule aff Kimbo Slice as the start attraction for CBS
  9. what brett said and just a few more pointers you should probably talk about why conditionality being bad comes first and weigh condo vs other arguments such as topicality.
  10. I am not big on schopenhauer but i do know that he says that suicide is not the answer.
  11. i went to the scholars program at whitman and it was pretty amazing. im not sure if the lab leaders for the scholars lab are the same, but its more focused on cutting evidence than practice debates. you still do get your fair amount of practice debates and drills in, but i personally believe the ability to research and put out effective blocks are more important. alot of people criticize DDI and GDI scholars and 7weeks on their focus of cutting evidence, but at the end of the day good evidence can take you along way. The scholars lab is a lot more intense than the rest of the camp ,but your there to learn debate you can always have fun later. i encourage you to apply.
  12. Zexing Meng debated four years at Bellaire debating for UTD octo finalist at tfa state, quarter finalist at uil state, top seed at colleyvile i can judge at Dallas and Houston areas, I have only debated in CX contact me at Zmeng90@gmail.com
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