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  1. The aff prevents future infection via unsafe blood and implements technology and procedures to the clean blood...and its pretty racist and straight up not true to imply that "most of africans have aids."
  2. Has anyone come across any articles or cards in camp files indicating that other countries model public health initiatives implemented by the US?
  3. nihilism

    Topical K affs

    if he's just providing health care to victims he's pretty arguably T, demining is more of a stretch.
  4. pretty sure pc made the aff up.
  5. africa is the object of the rez, you're fiating that africa fixes its own problem...whoever neg repped me is a toolshed.
  6. africa do the plan is object fiat.
  7. I'm pretty sure it includes the alternative too, when people say the "kritik proper" it's because framework will be dealt with separately.
  8. Were the modular Ks just kritikal impact turns on case?
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