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  1. If you're reffering to the Mich file you're right its not really that good, look to the UNT version for some good cards, but it talks about girl child soldiers specifically,, but i fear it is too K for you. multiple chuckles.
  2. Ulrich Beck, Professor for Sociology at the University of Munich, British Journal of Sociology Professor at the London School of Economics and Sciences, ‘92 (“Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity”, p. 76-77) please post. it basically states that our FOCUS ON WASTE DISPOSAL CREATES A HOT POTATO THAT POLITICIZES THE ENTIRE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL ORDER. its awesome!
  3. HOWARD F. CHANG University of Pennsylvania Law School Georgetown Law Journal, Vol. 83, No. 6, p. 2131, July 1995 can anyone access this awesome card
  4. wow u guys annihilated my theory
  5. would a Darwinism K work on AFFs that target slowing spread of a disease( HIV/AIDS). therefore extended the lives of the infected. thereby making more civilaians infected. what might i expect from oppponents.
  6. im just being curious but could eternal life in heaven be an advantage to an AFF because we are doing good in the world. just curious how far the NEG Flex can go.
  7. well if there are that many iraqi's in need of aid in the status quo, providing aid to africa wont help iraqians in any way.
  8. have u ever read hot zone. a marburg infected person is not a pretty sight.
  9. which file would be the best idea to download. im not fimiliar with the different camps
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