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  1. Hey guys it's Dexter. Reach me at: dexter.zhuang@gmail.com AIM: metallicshinex Cell: 248-974-8738 I'm still a senior in high school but am willing to occasionally judge/coach/cut cards for teams in Michigan since I have no team this year. I debated for three years. I was a Varsity States Runner-Up last year, traveling to a few national tournaments with a couple of close bids (but sadly, obtaining none). At the state level, I won DCD and Okemos and was a runner-up at Groves and Dexter. I won't be available for long-term commitments, but I can coach at a couple of tournaments and can cut some sweet files for you for cheap.
  2. It'll be a lot less fun without those who are leaving/graduating; that's for certain. Who's coming back to judge/coach?
  3. yeah Nick, you probably missed the thread Bala made.
  4. hahaha sounds good is zimbabwe aids and ethics?
  5. happy 18th birthday brad!! hope it's a good one.
  6. Matt was 3rd I'm pretty sure
  7. lexie and I are going as a hybrid - egr/novi
  8. janke you and joe are my favorite nihilists
  9. congrats matt and celine! one of my favorite teams
  10. mmmmm speaking of strategies I'm sure a comment about a-spec would fit here jk jk
  11. Happy thanksgiving Brad and everyone =)
  12. yeah that's right - the cath prep debaters were 4th and 5th I believe.
  13. congrats to cath prep - it was a fun tournament
  14. yeahhhh this is coming up and I'm excited think we're bringing 3 teams
  15. wellll ok except for you
  16. I won't be there because of PSATs also unless I find a ride there after testing... and then I'd just be hanging out because I love you all.
  17. This would probably get a better response in the michigan regional forum.
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